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I’m all for global commerce but there’s just something so lovely about opting to buy British design where possible by way of enjoying and celebrating the incredible array of choice and talent on offer. With that in mind I’ve put together my top 5 British brands when buying for kids:

Beau Loves

Beau LovesFounded in 2010 by British designer Faye Wilde this brand was created following her son Beau’s birth. Contemporary and cool in predominantly unisex designs featuring bold graphics and prints, Beau Loves designs are bold, quirky and fun.

The Bright Company

Best of British Clothing for Kids  (5)

My go-to place for all my son’s bedding and PJ’s this company is everything that excites me about British design and manufacturing. The products are conceptually simple yet problem-solving (Slim Jym PJ’s never ride up an arm or leg!) yet beautifully designed, attention-grabbing and oh-so-stylish…and very well made.

Tootsa MacGinty

Tootsa MacGinty Autumn Winter 2013 Collection

A recent discovery for me and a new favourite I adore the sense of “play” with this brand. Kids can be kids with beautiful unisex attire that’s fun and playful too with their iconic panda and tiger illustrations “popping out” of pockets, zips and beyond. Great prices too and wonderful quality.

Mini Boden

Best of British Clothing for Kids  (3)

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…One, their products are bright and bold. Two, they wash well (a must!). Three, they always have great offers on – handy when your child grows two inches in three weeks. Four, something from “Mama” Boden always seems to fall into my shopping basket.

Ruff & Huddle

Best of British Clothing for Kids  (4)

What started out as a Spitalfields market stall is fast becoming a global brand yet three collections later Ruff & Huddle retains its sense of Britishness and bespoke feel. Featuring insanely cool graphics and illustrations and using the full spectrum of colours, this edgy brand is where it’s at.



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