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As I cruise into my third trimester with baby no two I am mindful of the fact this child will be coming into the world within the next twelve weeks and whilst we’ve not anywhere near as many items to buy or borrow there’s plenty of planning to do!

Practical elements need to be ticked off our “to do” list…yep there’s always an unsurmountable mountain of DIY to conquer, but it’s the more emotional and personal side of things that are starting to really niggle at me. The biggest task I’m trying to get my head around at the moment – something that’s actually keeping me awake and night – or at the very least waking me up in the early hours in order to add to my random list…

Choosing baby’s name

We now know we’re having another boy and whilst we’re crazy excited (I always knew I was destined to be surrounded by “raaa”!) by the incredible dynamic he’ll add to our family, one of my initial thoughts having discovered we were adding to our brood with a second son was “crikey, what will we call him”?

To find another name we love as much as our first-born’s, one we don’t already feel we’d effectively “pencilled in” for him – that is also in no-way second best…well it’s pretty darn hard!

For that reason I thought I’d put together some ideas on how you (and I!) might discover the perfect name for your little one – where to draw baby name inspiration from:

Family Favourites

Traditionally this is where I understand previous generations of parents have sought inspiration – within the family tree. It’s something I’d have scoffed at years back, believing we’d only end up with “dull” names…and yet it’s some of our combined family names that have totally captured my imagination. I also never imagined just how sentimental I’d become having my own children…

Dylan’s middle name is George, the same as my husband’s middle name and my father-in-laws; it was his own fathers name. I love that we’ve kept it for our own first born…This time, well with my own Dad having recently passed away we’ll definitely pay homage to him in some way and were we having a girl there’s plenty of female names within both our families I’d have been proud to use; from Florence to Vida – we’d have had many lovely girls names to choose from.

Origins & meanings

I have to admit I’m a sucker for the emotional side of name choosing and tend to search by meaning, believing that story behind a child’s name will somehow impact on their character. It’s perhaps a little “out there” for some but it works for us…

Dylan is named such because his name means “son of the sea” in Welsh. My husband is from Wales and we live by the beach so it seemed the perfect fit. The boy LOVES water – he’s obsessed with ships and boats and he’s got a lovely Welsh lilt to his accent. It really couldn’t suit him more perfectly…


I’m always a little flummoxed when I meet someone called Holly who was born in August! I know for some it probably doesn’t matter at all but it seems such a lovely idea to give context to a person  by choosing a name that reflects the season they were born in. Noelle and Gabriel just scream winter babies to me whilst April’s and May’s are surely named so due to the months they were born in..?

Personal likes & Loves

OK there’s probably a little overlap here with meanings but how lovely is it to meet a person who’s got a great back-story to their name? I once worked with a lady who’s Mum had named her after the coolest girl in her school simply because it had such positive associations for her…that’s quite lovely don’t you think? I’ve met a Croyde named after the famous stretch of coastline near where we live, a Sydney who was conceived in that great city and even a Rainbow – her Mum endured a long and frightening labour before delivering her safely, glancing out of the window with her precious daughter in her arms and seeing a rainbow stretched across the sky.

So I’m curious, where did you find inspiration for your little one’s name? Spill!



Hi I’m Sarah…writer at Juno & Joy, sometimes stylist and budding florist. Nearly three years ago I took on my greatest challenge – I became a wife and mother! A task that incorporates all my strengths (and weaknesses) it’s stretched my heart and rocked my world ten-fold.

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