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Nursery Tour with Sylvia’s Sparkles

Boy’s nursery decor doesn’t get cooler than this! Sylvia, the blogger behind Sylvia’s Sparkles, takes us on a tour of her baby boy Liam’s contemporary nursery and provides her tips for creating your own!

“Liam’s nursery is my favourite room in the house, I remember towards the end of pregnancy how excited and happy I was to decorate his room and fold his clothes. Liam has now been in our lives for almost six months and BOY they grow quickly! We teamed up with Silver Cross to create the perfect nursery for us and our style. We love (did I say we? I meant I) I love white a little too much and his room had to have a lot of white, he was born in the winter so it felt like a snowy cocoon in here but we also love wood and wanted to add the main furnitures in wood as they would be the focal point in the room.

The brown of these pieces added this warmth to the fresh white it really was the perfect choice. I tend to want to keep a small room neutral. I am gonna give you my few of my top tips to decorate a little boy’s room, I honestly find it easier than a girl’s room to decorate, why? Because you don’t get lost in the million different types of pink and no glitters here people! Just kidding

  • I keep it simple, white walls and a darker tone for the big pieces, it could also been navy or if you prefer a lighter shade beige or pale blues are fun too. I wanted to make a statement with a darker colour.
  • Add a touch of gold it’s always festive and warm for the arrival of a baby, add a few books for story night and a cute lamp to keep you company during night feeds (anyone can relate? Because Liam always slept through the night almost)
  • I would also a little wallpaper maybe just one wall our is from Lizettes Wallpaper.
  • We also put a lot of bunnies around his room in his toy basket and on his bed (my best friend and also his godmother has an addiction for bunnies)

Our favourite pieces in his room are for sure his bed as he will keep it for years to come because it also becomes a toddler’s bed, his toy basket perfect for storage in small rooms, the L light letter and his wallpaper because we love bunnies over here) Hope you like it as much as we do and you will find inspiration for your bundle of joy. Big thank you to Silver Cross for making this nursery our favourite room in the house.”




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