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One of my biggest regrets since having children, was not setting aside some intentional time to document all the baby milestones so I could look back at them in the years to come. Don’t get me wrong, both times I started out with the aim of filling in their baby books. I’d complete the first couple of pages documenting the days immediately following their birth as well as noting down some significant dates such as when they got their first tooth, but as the months whooshed by and life got busier and busier I’d forget to write things down. When I look back now, I really wish I had made that effort to continue the ritual. My eldest turned 8 years old just last week, he is growing up so fast and I long to remember the days when he was a teeny baby grasping a hold of my little finger with his tiny sweet hand.

Nowadays, there is an emerging trend for documenting baby milestones by taking a photo each month throughout the first year of their life. I think this is such a great way to see just how much baby has grown and changed over the year, and you can get creative by using props too!

I’ve picked out some of my favourite ways to document the milestones throughout the first year.

I love these baby milestone blankets which I found on Instagram by BATZKids and Modern Burlap (I love Instagram for finding new small businesses to follow!)

Another great idea is to use either a teddy bear or toy to place next to your baby every time you take a photograph. It will help you to gauge proportions by comparison – and at the end of the year you can create a cute little collage of all the photos together (Image via A Girl Named PJ).

I recently bought my niece a set of these cute Milestone Cards and I’ve loved seeing the photos each month. The pack includes monthly numbered cards as well as significant milestones such as “today I crawled for the first time”

If you love florals like I do, then you’ll probably love this idea! How about choosing a selection of blooms or foliage each month to create large numbers to represent the corresponding month. (Image via A Spoonful of Style)

The Letterfolk have some really fun handcrafted letter boards which allow you to create your own messages on them. I love the idea of using one of these to write out messages each month to photograph next to baby for milestone events.


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Baby Halle

A beautiful newborn session for Baby Halle cptured at home with her parents and big sister



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