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Hello Lovelies! Hope you’re all having a pretty fabulous week so far! For this month’s blog post I wanted to chat all things “Christmas”. I don’t know about you guys but I absolutely LOVE Christmas!! I think I enjoy it more, now that I have my own little family, than I did when I was a kid myself.

Since Jake was born (he’s now 7!) I’ve really tried to make Christmas a magical time in our household, and introduced Christmas traditions that we now uphold and enjoy year in year out.

I’m especially looking forward to Christmas this year, my youngest Liam (he’s nearly 3!) understands much more about Santa Clause and it’s great to see both boys chatting about Christmas together and getting excited! I think this year we can really embrace our Christmas traditions much more!


Since Jake’s very first Christmas in 2008 we’ve had a very naughty little elf come to visit us. When I first started this tradition I did receive a few strange looks from friends who thought I was completely bonkers! But over the years I have noticed more and more of them adopting this tradition for their own families, and truth be told I’m so glad I started it for my boys as it’s such fun and every year Jake asks whether the Elf will return.

“How does it work?” I hear you ask.

Our Elf, named Charlie Cookie-Socks, has a very important mission. He is a “Scout Elf” sent from the North Pole and has been instructed by Santa Claus to keep an eye on behaviour in the days leading up until Christmas.

On the morning of December 1st, my boys run downstairs to see if Charlie has returned to play with them for another year. The Elf usually arrives along with a wooden truck advent calendar (which the boys believe to be his transport from the North Pole, accompanied by a couple of reindeer toys – who of course pull the truck!). Charlie Elf even has his own passport! And because he takes his mission very seriously he also has an “Elf Journal” which he writes notes in each day about his adventures with our family and any important behavioural notes too so that he may feedback to Santa.

Charlie Elf goes everywhere with the boys – over the years he’s been to nursery, school, on the bus, to the farm, you name it! But as soon as everyone goes to bed, he becomes a little mischievous when he knows no-one is watching! (This is where the hubby and myself get to have a little fun and set up the mischief!).

Charlie has been known to spill cereal over the kitchen worktops and spell out words in the Cheerio’s, he’s eaten all the chocolates from the tin and left the wrappers out, he’s wrapped things up with loo roll and covered bedroom doors with wrapping paper, and he’s even played with the crayons and doodled everywhere!

When the boys wake up in the morning, they see the mischief the Elf has been causing and believe it’s magical!

If you’d like to read more about the Christmas Elf tradition I would suggest starting with a look at The Elf On The Shelf website, where the Christmas Elf tradition originated.

I’ve also recently come across Elf For Christmas, a new website launched in time for Christmas 2015 where you can purchase a fabulous looking Elf toy along with lots of extras such as a Letter to Santa, “Beware Of The Elf” signs, reward charts and more!

We really love the Elf tradition in our house as it’s imaginative, magical and grows with children over the years.


Each year I’ve taken my boys to pick their own individual Christmas bauble for the tree. I love unwrapping the baubles that we’ve collected over the years and hanging them on the tree, and I love the idea that when my boys are older they can hang their baubles on their own trees to enjoy with their own families.This year my favourites are all from Not on the High Street – there is such a great selection!

Personalised Wooden Name Bauble by Clouds & Currents at Not on the High Street, £8 // Personalised Christmas Bauble by Little Pieces at Not on the High Street, £10 // Reindeer Personalised Christmas Decoration by Pippins Gift Company at Not on the High Street, £14.95 // Personalised Christmas Bauble by Jo Heckett at Not on the High Street, £10


In our village each year, we have a huge Christmas tree installed, which is covered in colourful fairy lights and children arrive to place a bauble on the tree.

We love to visit the tree with the boys, and then we take a trip around the village in the car looking at all the houses decorated with the various Christmas lights and then we decide which house was our favourite!


On Christmas Eve when it’s time for Charlie the Elf to head back to the North Pole, he leaves a Christmas Eve box of goodies for the boys.

The box usually contains items such as new pyjamas to wear that night, a new dressing gown and slippers, new toothbrush, Christmas DVD to watch altogether as family along with popcorn, hot chocolate and marshmallows. There’s also usually a new Christmas book to read at bedtime.

Christmas Eve Kit by Edamay at Not on the High Street, £29 // Personalised Christmas Eve Gift Set by Sparks Clothing at Not on the High Street, £25 // Christmas Eve Box by Postbox Party at Not on the High Street, £29

Charlie also leaves Santa’s magic key and some reindeer food. We don’t have a fireplace at home so Santa uses the key to open the front door so he can leave presents. We sprinkle the reindeer food on the pathway outside before the boys go to bed, that way the reindeer can follow the food directly to our house.

We’d love to hear about your Christmas traditions too! Will you be in trying anything new this year? No matter what you do, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas holidays with your family!


I'm Gemma and I'm the heart and soul behind Rosy Apple Creations, a wedding planning and design boutique based in the Yorkshire Dales. I heartfully plan, design and style beautiful celebrations which are full of loveliness, meaning and love.
I'm mama to two gorgeous boys, Jake and Liam, and I love them both with my whole heart. I know all too well that being a parent brings its own challenges and running a business too means there is always a lot to juggle. I have a confession to make though....I'm a huge fan of routine! I find it's the best way to have a chaos free house, especially when it comes to getting our family ready on a morning which can often turn into a whirlwind of craziness!

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