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One of the best things about the run up to Christmas now I’m a mum is the magic I can create with my son in mind. I’m a big kid at heart – willing my boy to get into Disney so I’ve an excuse to know all the words to “Let It Go” and dreaming of the day he’ll say “Mum, I really want to visit Universal Studios…will you come on every single ride with me?”…I think my husband is quite relieved I now have someone else to channel my holiday enthusiams at!

So for the past couple of years I’ve been quietly ratching up the Christmas traditions in our household and this year – with Dylan approaching three I feel it’s the time to unleash them all…particularly as he has such a firm grasp on who Father Christmas is and the goodies he’ll (hopefully) bring!

So I’ve decided to share a few of our newly adopted festive ideas that I hope will ensure maximum magic is felt and enjoyed not just on Christmas Day but for the whole ruddy season of goodwill. Here are my top 4:

Elf on the Shelf. A genuius little concept that hails from the U.S we were introduced to it by my pal Amry who brought back our very own Otto from her trip home last year. Otto is not only a source of Christmas enchantment, adding a touch of wizardry to our day-to-day lives during Advent, but is a great tool for bribery too! Oh yes, if Otto see’s it, he’ll report it…in the past few days I’ve pointed this out to my dear boy every time I’ve seen a finger up his nose and a green bean shoved down the side of his chair…power to the Elf!

A bespoke advent calander. You could fill up little gift bags with sweet treats, healthy treats and even non-edible if you’re so inclided…perhaps replacing the need to so many presents on the big C-day itself. In our house we’ve wrapped up a book a day to open and read ahead of bed. Most we’ve sourced are pre-loved, which adds even more magic…and Dylan – so far – finds the extra reading time together quite the treat.

Christmas pajamas. Oh yes. We’re a comfortable household and enjoy getting into our PJ’s or “loungewear” as my hubby calls it was soon as we’re physically able to…the front door gets locked once dinner has been devoured and out come the plaid PJ’s. For 12 years Adam and I have bestowed new bedtime attire on each other come Christmas Eve and long my the tradition continue to include our brood…The more traditional looking the PJ’s the better we say.

A snack & note for Santa. OK so my very British son calls him Father Christmas – but I’ve always left a note – under the guidance of my dear Dad – to Santa…ahem along with a large glass of Port and 3 mince pies! I see now that this is a brilliant way of treating yourself (as well as Santa Claus in your childrens eyes)…so this year, I’ll be encouraging Dylan to leave out some cookies for the big man himself, a few dark chocolate truffles for the reindeer and a glass of sparkling prosecco…bubbly fuel for the sleigh. Cheers!

What are your Christmas family traditions?

Love Sarah x



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