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Fun Halloween Ideas for the Family!

With Halloween right around the corner and the shops filled with Halloween party delights, we’ve created a roundup of cute and creative things you could try making with your little ones too! First up of course would be Pumpkins! We have our very own ‘Pimp Your Pumpkin’ feature coming up but here are some ideas to get you started. We love the white and gold pumpkin set with little ribbon bows which look like bats! Then we have the idea of decorating your fireplace or perhaps a sideboard, filled with pumpkins and tall tapered candles. You’ll adore the jar of ‘fairy wings’ which is a super easy diy you can enjoy with kids, painting Spinning Jenny’s, then adding some sparkle and shimmer!

Let’s talk about yummy treats Halloween style! We’re loving the Bat Doughnuts and Mummy Cake Pops which are easy and fun things to try. Or if you’re feeling more adventurous how about some biscuits like these lovely little Black Cat treats or the Boo Biscuits! Cute aren’t they. If you’re having a party and in need of a cake we love this flying bat cake with a buttercream topping. Add crushed chocolate biscuits to the top and a topper of bats flying above it.






Lovely Boho Baby Shower

A lovely boho baby shower in Dubai for Rio of Bride Club Me! Captured by Paula Scalco Phot

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I have to say that Halloween wasn’t something I was that aware of before I had Annie. Ho

collection of pieces by fable heart displayed on vintage cases chairs and trunks

Dressing Up for Halloween With Fable Hea

When I found Fable Heart I did a happy dance because it is so utterly adorable and perfe