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One thing you should know about me – I love babies! I’ve had two of my own and if I’m lucky enough – I don’t plan to stop there. There is something utterly wonderful about having a new baby in your family, in your home & in your heart. Tiny fingers which clasp your own for dear life – a smile that lights up the room every time he sees you, first giggles and tummy tickles. But my friends, before you have a baby – it can be an utterly terrifying thought. Your body is not the same, you have no idea what you’ll do with said little person once you get him home, you’re tasked with the overwhelming job of choosing a name, which will be inherently linked to their identity for their whole life. However, somewhere amongst the hormones, morning sickness and swollen ankles – there is a little space for an afternoon of laughter, love and friendship – sisterhood and excitement. It’s called a baby shower!

Baby showers are a wonderful opportunity to take a moment, breathe it all in and mark this momentous occasion that sees you bringing a new baby in to the world. You’ll make some lovely memories and get to share this special time in your life with those very same girls who you’ll be calling on for help, hugs or coffee throughout the rest of motherhood. Today I’m sharing a free printable which I hope you’ll love as much as I do. These sweet ‘Hey Baby’ cards give your friends and family a chance to put their predictions, hopes and wishes for baby on paper. I’ve designed these cards with a lovely confetti theme in pastel shades of pink, blue, yellow and peach. The design is gender-neutral so will be great for your celebration no matter whether you’re expecting a baby boy or girl. Not only does this ‘mad-libs’ printable template provide a fun activity for your besties, but you’ll also end up a collection of cards to treasure. Keep them back in your memory box and pass them on to baby when he’s all grown up!

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I’m Jenny, co-founder & Creative Director at Hip Hip Hooray and mummy to two beautiful girls. I’ve always been a crafter at heart with a love for all things bright, fun & fresh.