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Ah, books! They’ve always held a special place in my heart. The old, falling apart classics on my great granny’s shelves which I would sneak glances in while the kettle was boiling. Poetry anthologies at school, well-worn, not always well loved, but which I always made time to read the previous borrowers’ annotations. Picking a book to take on holidays, a fresh one, which smelt amazing and with an unbroken spine giving away that the words hadn’t yet been let out.

Now that the large majority of books in our home are aimed at our daughter Bertie, the love has taken on a whole new meaning, and I hope it is a love that will be shared with B for years to come. Books are no longer just about the story itself, it’s about that uninterrupted time, where she is happy to sit on my lap whilst we point out animals, or when she jumps around mimicking the little girl of the story, and of course, my favourite of all, when she’s sleepy and rests her head against my chest while I read the gentle paced rhymes of another Julia Donaldson great.

Today I’m going to share just a few of Bertie’s best-loved books, as I am a firm believer that the joy of a great bedtime story is not something to be kept to yourself! Perhaps you’d like to share your little person’s favourites in the comments below? My little bookworm is 19 months old now, and the books featured are the ones she chooses time and time again.



Life has changed rather drastically recently, but I couldn’t be any happier. As well as content writing, and raising my beautiful daughter Bertie, I am the co-founder of a homewares collection with Coco & Wolf – all a very far cry from my pre-family, successful career in fashion. Creative pursuits, long country walks, a hot cup of tea and our home filled with fresh flowers will all put a smile on my face.


As a wedding planner, I love having the opportunity to create some really special design c

little girls enjoying reading the lost my name picture book together

Lost My Name

Introducing the personalised picture book, Lost My Name, with a shoot we created with Bake