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A someone who’s pale and not so interesting sensitive skin is forever battling prickly heat come summer…or sporting a dodgy DIY tan… I welcome the crisp, cooler weather autumn brings and am so excited to be delving back into my extensive wardrobe of “snug”. Now that I’m heavily pregnant I feel I’ve even more justification to be languishing all day in my favoured loungewear whilst working from home – and on the days I’m at the office or in meetings you can be sure I’ll still find my way back to my beloved “comfies” by 6 pm!

Whether pregnant or not – there’s a place for this kind of stylish yet practical (and oh so satisfying!) kind of fashion within all our wardrobes – set apart from a pair PJ’s simply by deciding if you’re able to leave the house in your ensemble with your head held high…I’ve put together my pick of the best out there this season:

…And yes, I wrote this whilst sporting my favourite pair of preggo yoga pants – without a “downward dog” in sight!



Hi I’m Sarah…writer at Juno & Joy, sometimes stylist and budding florist. Nearly three years ago I took on my greatest challenge – I became a wife and mother! A task that incorporates all my strengths (and weaknesses) it’s stretched my heart and rocked my world ten-fold.



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