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Some of you might know I’ve been spending rather a lot of time in Dubai recently, it’s a long story and one I will share here soon, but lets say it’s a perk of Mr B working away a lot of the time.  During my trips, I’ve been lucky to connect with some of the UAE’s top bloggers and wedding pro’s, the industry there is small but growing and full of talented people who I’m excited to work with over the next few months (keep an eye out for announcements soon!).

One of those talented people is fine-art photographer Melissa Beattie.  Originally from the UK, Melissa has been based in Dubai for the past 4 years, but this Spring she’ll be moving back home to the UK with her little family where she’ll be taking bookings for weddings, family and lifestyle shoot – be sure to get in touch if you love her style!  This gorgeous shoot took place one early morning on the beach, when the sun is low and the day still cool the light is so beautiful and soft.  Little Neve and Juno are just the cutest, running through the surf in their grey tulle skirts!

From photographer Melissa –

Cathy first contacted me way back in July after seeing some photographs I had done for a friend of hers. She really wanted to have some images of her two little girls on the beach but as most of you will know Dubai gets a little hot in the summer so it was decided to postpone until winter. The shoot finally took place in December, we were patient and it paid off. On the morning of the shoot we all arrived before the sun had even made an appearance, I like to shoot in the first light. It is honestly so beautiful, totally worth getting up for. This particular morning was fairly hazy too, and from experience I knew that this made for amazing images.

Cathy styled her girls beautifully, they both wore little grey tutu dresses, which were complimented by the lovely morning light perfectly. They also both wore hoody jackets to start with (believe it or not it can get a bit chilly in Dubai too), I thought this made for a fun look. As for Neve and Juno (how cool are their names?), two of the most beautiful little girls I have ever had the pleasure of photographing. Neve was the perfect 4 year old, she meet me with a great big hug (I had never meet her before) and got straight in to it, after calling me a ‘poo poo’ face a few times. Juno (2 years old) took a little longer to warm to me, but we explored the beach, found lots of fish, a cat and a pet starfish, which she tucked in to her pocket and was happy.


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