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I’m embracing the New Year with a different kind of energy and enthusiasm this year. Don’t get me wrong, as December draws to a close, I’m always filled with motivation, and excitement about the endless possibilities, but one week into January and I’m always a little overwhelmed when I realize I can’t quite keep it all up. That’s right, I’m not ashamed to say , until now, I’ve always found myself in the 90% of people who fail to sustain their resolutions. So what can little old me do about this rather bleak result? I’m proposing a resolution revolution for parents everywhere.

Until now, resolutions have always suggested there’s numerous problems that need fixing, and if you’re anything like me, there’s enough mum guilt throughout the year without getting down on yourself come January the 1st. So what’s going to be different about 2016?

I’d like to say we should all stop feeling bad about going back to work, the lack of crafting, not being able to breastfeed, the huge overflowing laundry basket or eating the same dinners every week on rotation, but on a cold, dark February night I doubt you’re going to be thinking of this post when you’re tucking into the sixth Thai green curry of the year. So let’s all just take a moment to think of one thing which we are going to do for ourselves this year.

That’s right. It’s time to be selfish. This isn’t about making yourself the best parent, friend, boss.. Heck, you probably already are those things (Yes you heard me! Stop being so hard on yourself!). This is about doing something that makes YOU feel good. You might not really know where to begin, and that’s fair enough, you’re probably used to thinking about everyone else first. Thankfully, a conversation with some girlfriends threw up some brilliant suggestions.

‘I’m going to spend an hour unsubscribing from all the time wasting emails I receive. That means every morning, instead of browsing Cotswold’s cottages I can, but never will, stay in for half their usual price, I can enjoy a HOT cup of coffee before the little people wake up.”

“All those too-small clothes (from five years ago) are going straight to the charity shop in January. I’m not wasting another moment feeling bad about them.”

“Last year I missed out on watching every new release I wanted to see at the cinema. This year I’m going to see at least three. All by myself. And get the popcorn.”

“I always feel guilty that I always end up cooking the same things so three friends and I have all vowed to teach each other one of our go-to dishes. Broadening dinner horizons while having a night with girlfriends? It doesn’t get much better.”

“Delegation has never been my strong point. This year I’m going to let my husband take over the food shop which he’s been offering to do for months, and free up some magazine reading time!”

“I’m making Thursday nights my technology free night. No phones. No tablets. No laptops. I’m at work all day, Pinterest can wait, and an early night is good for the soul.”

So what are you waiting for? You can join in the resolution revolution at any time. Just pick one thing you’re going to do for you and run with it. I’d love to hear what you’ve decided in the comments below.


Life has changed rather drastically recently, but I couldn’t be any happier. As well as content writing, and raising my beautiful daughter Bertie, I am the co-founder of a homewares collection with Coco & Wolf – all a very far cry from my pre-family, successful career in fashion. Creative pursuits, long country walks, a hot cup of tea and our home filled with fresh flowers will all put a smile on my face.


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