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This lovely little lady is just the happiest little thing, perhaps she already knows just how lucky she is to live in the Dubai sunshine, spending days at the beach and travelling the world with her little family.  At five months old, Poppy has reached that adorable baby stage; her bubbly personality and heart-stealing smile – captured beautifully by Dubai family photographer Lianne of Dinky Heart – is just peeking through and I can tell this girl is going to bring a lot of joy to life!

I just love our family trio….it’s like this is how life has always meant to be. Daddy is a pilot so we are very lucky and get to travel to exciting places. Despite being only seven months old Poppy is already clocking up the air miles. Living in Dubai we take advantage of the sunshine, spending family days at the beach. Poppy is quite the little water baby.  

In the early weeks of Poppy’s life I felt as if my life had been turned upside down (as lovely as it was). Once things settled down and Poppy was about five months old my heart melted every time I looked at her. I was amazed at how much she had developed and grown in such a short time. I wanted to catch these moments and also give Poppy some lovely photos to look back on – special memories. I was really impressed with Lianne’s style of photography and we are looking forward to Poppy’s first birthday to add photos to her collection.  Poppy has a better wardrobe selection than me, so I dressed her in simple everyday outfits.

We were delighted to be able to have the shoot at our home. I felt again that this was the most natural setting for Poppy at this age. I love the fact that we have photos which include Poppy in her own nursery with personal things and of course the house holds lots of lovely memories for us all.

What does being a mum mean to you? I always hoped that one day I would be a mum however I had to wait quite some time for Poppy (we are both older parents). Having previously been the expert socialiser I thought I was well practiced at surviving with little sleep but nothing could have prepared me for this!  Every day with Poppy brings new challenges as well as the most wonderful rewards. Poppy is our little miracle and I think being her mum is the best job in the world!


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