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family walking hand in hand i the countryside

Saturday Morning Ibiza Session

We take a glimpse inside the home and family of Ibiza wedding planner, Gemma Bowman with this shoot by Gypsy Westwood Photography. Gemma’s home is super stylish, light filled and a beautiful setting for their family session together with her husband Jack and their three adorable children, Bo, Obi and Ezra. But it when you live on the Island of Ibiza, you just have to capture some of the outdoors and that beautiful sunshine! Gypsy tells us more about Gemma and their session;

“Gemma Bowman was one of the first Wedding Planners in Ibiza. She married on the island and then moved here and knew she had all the knowledge to help future Bride and Grooms so started Ibiza Wedding, now one of the leading planners on Ibiza. We have been working together now for over ten years. As part of an island on going project with Jessie, one of our Brides from a few years ago who now lives here too, we photographed Gemma and her family, husband Jack and their three kids, Bo, Obi and Ezra last year one crispy Saturday morning.

As a photographer I have always loved photographing people, kids especially, as a mother myself I always feel I can get something special from them. I believe that often to get the best out of the kids on their own or with the family it is always good to start where they feel most comfortable – their home. Gemma’s home is elegant and beautiful with big windows so lots and lots of natural light. Saturday morning is always a rest day, after the week of school runs, so was the perfect place to get them all comfortable and enjoying themselves in front of the camera. For some fun and something different we parked Jack’s Land Drover in their field to get some real Ibiza country side. The boys loved the excuse to climb on top of their daddy’s car!”




The Bairds

Beautiful family photo shoot set in an orchard filled with blossom trees and captured by K

mother kisses her newborn baby

Baby Halle

A beautiful newborn session for Baby Halle cptured at home with her parents and big sister



Miles has to be one of the luckiest little boys I know, not only does he get to grow up in



This family are such a joy! Burcu and Ozan headed to one of the prettiest parts of London