little b


Albie’s toy pile has well and truly been stocked since his first birthday in November swiftly followed by Christmas and lots of very generous family. I try and keep his toys split between his bedroom and the rest of the house so they aren’t too overwhelming but our living room is slowly starting to look a bit like Toys R Us so I think it’s time I invested in some proper toy storage! As always I turned to the fabulous Pinterest for some inspiration and was overjoyed by the amount of colourful yet stylish storage solutions out there. Now I just need to try and decide which one of these lovely storage baskets, bin or shelves we need – or perhaps I need to buy more toys for an excuse to get them all!





As creative director of Sweetpea PR I spend my days securing press coverage for some of the UK's leading luxury bridal brands, being obsessed with all things wedding related and pretty, setting up Sweetpea with my twin sister was a dream come true! In my spare time I have another great love in my life, my little boy Albie. His arrival a year ago spurred on a whole new interest and my daily Instagram and Pinterest feed is now more likely to be filled with baby style inspiration and nursery decor! I am never happier than when scouring the internet for cute clothing finds and gaining inspiration for the next event I am planning!