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couple stood at the top of a sand dune together

Sweet Sand Dunes

With it being pretty cold her in the UK right now, it’s nice to have some warmth and sunshine on the blog with this beautiful Maternity session by Lena Karelova Photography. Set in the sand dunes of Dubai, Lena captured expectant Mother Alona, whose simple white sundress and loose curls were the perfect look! Effortlessly stylish!

Alona shares how special this session is to her, “Looking at this amazing maternity photo session, I cannot believe that magical period is over. I was lucky to avoid all the side effects and simply loved it! Constant feeling of butterflies in your stomach, talking to your little one, asking for his advice or just telling another story, first movements and hard kicks, and then looking for the first time in his eyes… Is there anything more unbelievable Mother Nature could do? We had so much fun while these were taken, feeling so happy being just at the very beginning of our new life. It was that rare moment when you want time to stop and at the same time cannot wait for the day X to come.”




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