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So being a busy Mum on the go has taught me a lot about streamlining my beauty regime on a daily basis – this is tough for me as I am a self confessed beauty product junkie. However with a baby or toddler to contend with, there is very rarely time to even finish a simple blow dry (or even a shower!) without interruption, so I’ve spent a lot of time speeding up the process!

I’m one of those girls who definitely cannot rock the zero makeup look after very little sleep the night before (hello Mum’s of newborns in particular!), so I have a secret. You only need three, yes THREE, make up products to get you through the day. I swear.

Click the images below to find out why these are my absolute faves.

So there you have it, three products that cost less than £100 all together, take less than 10 mins to apply and fit easily into any change bag for on the go application… you are most welcome.

If you have an extra 5 mins spare, then feel free to add concealer/bronzer/eyeliner/lippy to the above trio too. Or just have another coffee, your call!

Love Jessie




I'm Jessie, a wedding planner based in the heart of the Cotswolds in Cheltenham, designing and styling beautiful weddings for stylish couples across the UK + Europe! I know all too well about the emotional roller-coaster that is being a work from home Mummy, as I have two little angels that keep me both super busy and insanely happy - Flora Clementine Belle and Augustus Stanley Jack. Together with my hubby we practice gentle parenting as much as humanly possible, I'm a bit of a hippy really... a hippy with great shoes and expensive lipstick. Heck, a girls gotta live right?