18 Beautiful Outfits For Your Perfect City Hall Wedding

It is well known that weddings are often expensive. Large weddings with full-on ceremonies and all the trimmings can mount up and be overwhelming. However, there is another option – City Hall weddings. 

City Hall or town hall weddings bring the beauty of ceremony together with the practicality of a simple legal proceeding. These smaller, more intimate affairs are soaring in popularity. The low-key format, and often beautiful City Hall buildings, offers a smaller wedding experience you will never forget. 

The growth in popularity of City Hall weddings comes after just over two years of couples having to postpone larger wedding plans. While some will continue with their larger ceremonies, other’s are choosing the simpler- yet equally meaningful – City Hall weddings

In addition, City Hall weddings have been featured on hit TV shows – providing inspiration for brides everywhere. From Mandy Moore’s Rebbeca Pearson having the perfect 70s boho wedding in This is Us to Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic simple wedding in Sex and the City movie, there is no shortage of ideal sources to draw from. These shows also provided the perfect wishlist of simple, yet stylish City Hall wedding outfits. These are often less ballroom-styled with most preferring shorter skirts and simpler silhouettes. 

While these are classics, this doesn’t mean you have to go this route. This day is about you, so if you are looking for a long gown, then something striking with an impressive plunge can work just as well.

We have compiled some examples of City Hall ready looks that will make sure your intimate, personal wedding is exactly as you imagined. 

Sweet and Detailed 

In the classic style of City Hall dresses, these combinations don’t go overboard but provide the perfect amount of detail to include texture and a distinct style. From lace overlays to flower applications, your simple City Hall dress is taken to the next level. 

Classic Modern 

Nothing beats classic, but these aren’t your grandmother’s City Hall wedding dresses. Taking the sophistication and style of eras gone by, these modern twists on simple elegance offer a timeless look that won’t age in your wedding pictures over time. With plain white fabrics paired with simple, but striking, cuts these options are perfect for saying I do and heading to a fantastic after-court reception.

Making a Statement 

While City Hall weddings are often thought of as being an easier, simpler alternative to a grand wedding, it doesn’t mean your wedding dress has to be. These City Hall looks bring the glamour and magic of statement pieces, providing beautiful contrast to the more dressed down ceremony. Whether it’s feathers, fringe or a train, there is a way to incorporate your favorite wedding fashion.

And if a city hall wedding is the direction you’re taking, top it off with an eye catching decorated wedding car to sweep you off through the busy streets.



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