18 Bridal Belts That Pull Your Wedding Look Together

A wedding dress is not just one single item but rather a curated look of pieces. All rounded off with perfect accessories. When you think of the added extras which pull a wedding look together, the first things that pop into your mind are shoes, earrings, and maybe even capes. However, there is another accessory that is often overlooked, bridal belts. 

Most know belts as a utility item. For centuries they’ve been used to hold up a pair of pants. However, even hundreds of years ago, people were already seeing their benefit not only to make sure their pants didn’t fall down but to elevate their outfits. 

As an accessory, belts provide a wide range of benefits. They can add shine and sparkle to an understated dress. If this is not your problem, they can also be used to enhance the waistline to make the perfect silhouette. 

However, a word to the wise. It is also important to thoroughly consider if this will help or hurt the overall look. While belts can do fantastic work tying an outfit together, things could become overly busy or get lost if you have an already richly decorated gown. 

So, if you’re looking to round off your wedding day outfit, whether it be with a simple touch of shine or a statement piece to make sure no one misses you walking down the aisle, we’ve pulled together some of the best bridal belts out there. 

The Bow 

The bow is a classic addition to a bridal ensemble because of the sweet, whimsical tone it can round out a look with. Whether you tie it at the front or the back, a perfect bow is almost a bridal staple. 

However, this doesn’t mean a bow can’t make a statement. While a sweet, simple bow is one way to go, a bride who is looking for something more can go the route of a dramatic oversized bow, maybe even try out a fierce colour clash to really make it pop. Bows can be tied on to your wedding gown as a sash (see below) or incorporated as part of the dress itself.

All That Shimmers 

While minimalism is a popular trend, a bridal look is almost never complete without a bit of sparkle. Belts are the perfect accessory to bring some shine to your dress because of the myriad of ways they can be shined up. 

From a simple metallic addition to a detailed rhinestone design, each bride can choose how to bring that extra dazzle to their dress. Remember to consider how this will work with some of your other sparkly accessories, like earrings and bracelets. 

Something Out of the Ordinary 

This is where bridal belts can get really interesting. Since belts are part of the outfit itself, they are not restricted by size or design like accessories such as jewellery. 

Whether it’s a boho-inspired macrame addition or a simple belt with a unique accent, there is a range of unique belts which can elevate or accentuate the exact look you’re pulling together for your wedding day and can be used to accentuate your personal style.



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