19 Black Wedding Dresses: Inspiration for Alternative Brides

Black is not the traditional wedding dress colour that comes to mind for most brides. However, black wedding dresses have been rapidly rising as a trend for modern brides. 

The opposite of the traditional white, black is known as a funeral colour in most western countries. However, as brides move further away from traditions the black dress is losing its stigma and seeing a rise in popularity. 

This has been influenced by a couple of factors. 

Analysis of Google search data reveals that online searches for black wedding dresses in the United Kingdom more than tripled in September 2021, after designer Vera Wang’s comments about black wedding dresses being ‘sexy’ in Harper’s Bazaar. This has been backed up by an increase in searches for “black wedding dress” on Google. So far, in 2021, the term has been searched 16,000 times a month on average.

A spokesperson for Design Bundles commented on the findings: 

“It’s fascinating to see the increase in searches for black wedding dresses, especially with the input of an icon like Vera Wang. This, coupled with the fact that many brides sought alternatives to the big, white dress during the pandemic, suggests that the trend of black dresses is here to stay”. 

Another influence has been celebrities donning darker dresses for their big day. Sarah Jessica Parker, style icon, did it in 1997. More recently, “Selling Sunset” star Christine Quinn wore a black ensemble to her big day in 2020. 

These celebrity weddings showcase how black can portray a regal elegance and sophistication. It is also why many choose black for other special occasions. As a colour, black offers a bolder look. It also is a shade that flatters every body type and is compatible with all traditional bridal dress styles but is particularly appealing for those looking for a more alternative look. 

If you’re someone who is looking to gather some inspiration or just loves the colour black, we’ve pulled together some beautiful black gowns that will surely make you want to hop on this trend. 

Darker but Detailed 

If you’re a bride who is interested in a black dress but is worried about a strictly black design, beautiful details are the way to go. Whether it’s intricate beading to add a bit of dimension or pops of colour overset on the black background, there is a beautiful way to elevate a black wedding gown.

All Black Classic 

If you’re keen to commit to a full black look, there are thousands of styles which work beautifully with this darker choice. Being free of the traditional white can also free you of the standard ball gowns. These are an option but you can also try bolder, more unique silhouettes. You can also add dark details to take your dress beyond its accessories.

Flowing Black Layers

Have you ever considered black tulle? The darker colour lets you play with contrasts of lighter fabrics. Tulle, lace and chiffon are all great options if you’re looking for volume to avoid a heavy overall look. No matter which aesthetic you go for, sexy glamour or avant-garde masterpiece, this will take the look to the next level.

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