22 Bridal Capes and Capelets of Your Dreams

Bridal capes are not a new trend, but they keep increasing in popularity every year, and it’s easy to see why. 

These gorgeous additions to a wedding day outfit definitely bring some heightened drama to the overall look. Maybe it’s because they are universally flattering, or because they are an unexpected touch, no matter the style, capes bring an air of majesty to your big day. 

The history of the cape explains their regal connotations. While capes have been around for centuries, the fashion cape really came into its own during the Victorian period. Their use for practical protection fell away in place of an added decorative piece. 

More recently, bridal capes have been picked up by celebrities celebrating their wedding days. In 2014, Solange Knowles captured brides everywhere when she wore a jumpsuit and matching draping cape. 

While the solid white cape is a classic, there are thousands of designs that can best reflect the bride’s personal style and overall wedding theme. Whether it’s short feathered pieces, extravagant sparkling capes, or wispy covers, there is no shortage of options for a bride wanting to take on this trend. 

We’ve pulled together 22 bridal capes that are sure to inspire and convince you to try out this look for the perfect wedding ensemble.


If you want something with a bit of texture, then a feathered cape is the way to go. The added accessory brings a refreshing finish to your wedding day outfit, not only with the additional embellishment but also because of the way the feathers will move as you walk down the aisle. 

Opt for a full feather white cape, bring a pop of colour with some dyed feathers or have them as an accent to a more straightforward option. There are so many ways to interpret this addition that will feel right for you. 


Florals? For a wedding? Classic! Nothing goes better with a wedding day look than a touch of spring. While some may say florals are best for summer, we think that you can add these beautiful accents any time of year. 

Florals work particularly well if you’re looking at a tulle cape to drape over your shoulders. The delicate material can’t hold a lot of weight so having light floral accents is the perfect way to bring a little something extra. 


There can’t be a bridal list without a bit of sparkle. Whether you’re going all out and wanting to include more diamantes to your already gem-encrusted outfit or are interested in adding a touch of sparkle to a more restrained look, there are thousands of ways to style these additions. 

What is especially great about a sparkly cape is that you don’t have to go for a long, trailing option to add the drama. Since a little sparkle goes a long way, short capes can be equally eye-catching with an intricate design.


There’s nothing like a classic and the plain white cape is definitely a great modern option. While it may seem simple, the classic white cape adds a new dimension to a more straightforward look. 

There also isn’t just one way to have a plain white cape. Since your colour options are limited, the fabric is where the variety comes in. Whether it’s a whisper of tulle, soft chiffon, sturdy cotton or even a dazzling silk, the fabric will speak to the kind of design you’re wanting to convey. 

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