22 Boho Wedding Accessories on Etsy

Each bride’s style is unique, and if you’re more free-spirited, it is likely you’re already leaning towards a more bohemian look. If you want to build on your boho dress or even just add some whimsical additions, we’ve pulled some of the most exciting boho wedding accessories that will complete or complement your look. 

Boho, in its earliest iteration, is all about living an unconventional life. Bohemianism was a movement from the 19th Century of unorthodox lifestyles. When it comes to fashion, boho as we know it today draws inspiration from the hippie movement in the 1960s and 1970s. It combines elements from nature with flowing fabrics, natural elements, and stand-out accessories. 

Although boho is an established style, it is still a deviation from the classic, clean lines expected from most bridal wear. It’s softer and less formal. However, this doesn’t detract from its ability to be beautifully bridal. Bohemian colours include warm tones accented by brighter accents. These can be pretty subtle, like whites and creams or exciting additions featuring rich jewel tones.  

What is especially remarkable about this unconventional styling is that there are no specific rules. You’re free to mix and match your boho wedding accessories as you please. 


As nature plays as a central motif to the overall boho look, flowers are an easy way to incorporate elements of boho style to your big day. 

Boho-chic often features intricate flower crowns, which can replace the more traditional bridal  crown or tiara. If you do not want to go as big as a crown, you might want to consider boho accent features like combs or boutonnieres.

boho wedding hat


Another natural element that is common in boho style but also weddings generally is feathers. Much like leaves and flowers, feathers can add texture to your outfit. 

Whether an addition to your wedding dress or placed in your hair, feathers bring a feminine flair to your look and have the advantage of being incredibly customisable. Choose from wispy ostrich feathers to structured, dyed and painted quill feathers.  

boho wedding accessories feathers

boho wedding accessories dude

Macrame and Raffia

Nothing screams boho more than macrame. While the origins of this weaving style is disputed, it is most well known today thanks to the resurgence in its popularity in the 70s. Back then, it was used for wall decoration, but today macrame designs can be additions to your wedding day look. 

From headbands to earrings, these designs are intricate and often feature fringe-like aspects which heighten and create a more dynamic look for your big day. 

macrame etsy earrings


It’s not a  wedding day without jewels. Boho-inspired jewellery has its own unique look. Featuring more golds than silvers, boho design elements usually include different materials like pearls, semi-precious stones and a variety of metals. 

While earrings, necklaces and bracelets are all central to boho jewels, accessories can extend even further. Large, detailed halo headpieces have exploded in popularity as a wedding trend. For a more subtle look, a draping chain headpiece or an ornate anklet add a touch of boho flavour. 



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