24 Wedding Earrings To Elevate Your Look

You’ve made it through the hard part, you’ve found the perfect wedding dress. Now it’s time to accessorise to bring your full wedding day look together. This means finding the perfect pair of wedding earrings.

Accessories help personalise a dress, especially those bought from a bridal store rather than a custom design. They are the elements that take the dress from a beautiful design to one that speaks to who you are both as a person and a bride. 

You may end up with a confusing look if you mix too many styles or overload your look with too many accessories. If you’re building your look, wedding earrings are a good place to start. Earrings are key because they frame the face and will be the most prominent feature in all your photos. Choosing a pair that perfectly accents your bone structure, make-up and hairstyle will tie the whole look together.

Wedding earrings come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From classic pearl studs for the bride who appreciates a simple look to large, showstopper hoops that will catch the eye from across the room, there is something for every style. In addition to identifying a style that speaks to you and your aesthetic, it’s also good to consider how your wedding earrings will work with your chosen hairstyle. Remember that if you go for a hair down look, your earrings may be hidden most of the time so may impact your choice. 

If you’re unsure of where to start, we’ve pulled a range of styles that are sure to bring a bit of extra glamour to your big day. 


Classic wedding jewellry brings to mind diamonds and pearls. Classic wedding earrings often consist of simple studs. A single pearl or diamond stud in each ear epitomises timeless elegance. These are pieces that you can look back on and still appreciate decades after the big day. 

If you’re wanting something minimalist but not as simple as a plain pair of studs, there are a few options that add a little more excitement while remaining classic. These include combining pearls and diamonds or including a bit of a small dangling element.


There’s nothing like a bit of sparkle on your big day. If you’re wanting to add a touch of glamour, this is the way to go. Wedding earrings embellished with diamonds or diamantes, depending on your budget, will heighten your look as they catch the light. 

Since these are striking additions, it’s important to make them the focus of your wedding day accessories. Let other pieces support your dazzling earrings so they can remain the main event.  


For the bold bride, these wedding earrings are not your standard jewels. Incorporating unique gems, designs and accents, these looks are striking. If you’re looking to bring a runway aesthetic to your wedding day, an avant-garde pair of earrings is what you’re after. 

Since these designs are an aesthetic all on their own, deciding what other jewellery to combine with them is slightly trickier. Consider the pieces and how they will work with your outfit and the rest of your accessories before committing.


Floral jewellery for a wedding is inspired! Floral additions on your big day are common for a reason, because they’re beautiful. Including flowers into your wedding earrings brings a romantic touch to your look. 

This design element is adaptable to all kinds of earring styles. Whether you’re looking for hoops or studs, there is an earring with a floral accent on offer. This style works especially well for chandelier styles. The petals make it appear as if the flowers are falling over your collarbone, framing your face.

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