The 3 Things You Need to Know About Floral Arches for Your Wedding

We’re obsessed with creative floral design, installations and arches – and we know you are too! So we wanted to get some expert advice from one of the best floral designers in London to give you the key things you need to consider for including magnificent floral arches in your wedding! B.LOVED Edit Supplier, All For Love London shares the top 3 things you need to know and some of their showstopping designs to inspire you!


Here at All For Love, we LOVE a flower arch! It’s what we’ve become known for and it always gets us excited when a client requests one. There is just so much you can do with an arch in terms of styles, and it’s mostly used as a statement piece at the entrance to the church or the venue, so it’s a real photo opportunity and offers that ‘wow’ factor. Plus the beauty with a flower arch, for me anyway, is that it can become part of the venue, whatever and wherever it may be.

In general, for a large-scale flower arch, a fairly large budget is needed, so do keep this in mind and consider being creative with your budget. For instance you could focus on using just foliage rather than flowers, or you could reduce the size and density of the arch. Large columns can work well without the ‘top arch’ bit and this can help with costs as well. You could also always ask your florist what silk flowers they have in stock as it may be that you could hire this and mixed in with real foliage will be a more budget friendly way of creating that dream arch.

Soft, fluffy foilages work really well in an arch. I love things with a natural curve and bend so that it drops gently and naturally. English eucalyptus is great, as is parve eucalyptus and flowering eucalyptus. It obviously depends on the seasons- in Spring I love using large flowering magnolia and cherry blossom branches. In Summer silver birch is beautiful as is white leaf and then for Autumn foilages like English oak or beech on the turn has the most beautiful colours. For the ultimate Winter arch I would use litchen branches, crab apple branches, Scots Pine and again a selection of mixed eucalyptus varieties for the soft blue grey wintery look. Flower wise, anything tends to go. I would always advise grouping the flowers rather than having them dotty- but that’s just a pet hate of mine! Just be aware of how long the arch needs to be up for and if your flowers will need to be in water, oasis or can go in dry, all these elements  will determine the flowers available to you. For me delphiniums, roses, hydrangeas, peonies and especially big clouds of gyp are my personal faves.


Amy O’Boyle Photography

A stunning Spring flower combination of ranunculus, delphiniums, jasmine, Avalanche roses, and snapdragons. Pretty pins with a garden feel!

Or how about a stunning floral arch which was completely free standing, made from a bespoke metal frame, which allowed you to just see the Sphinx through the middle… so magical. The arch was covered with an abundance of seasonal, flowing foliage and white flowers, including a mixture of delphiniums, hydrangea, roses and scented stocks. Classical and timelessly stylish.

Anna Fowler Photography

An arch of fairytale dreams! A delightful mix of beautiful nudes, creams and blush pinks help achieve this striking, uber pretty look. A step away from our usual foliage filled arches, this one was made solely with hundreds of beautiful orchids, roses, among others against a backdrop of unusual, dyed white ivy.

Heledd Roberts Photography

Using loose, soft foliage and flowers that gave a very natural feel, we wanted to give the impression that the flowers belonged there, as if they had always been, growing naturally on the side of the Church. Nothing was to look ‘piped on’ and was to grow out of and into the building- just like the surrounding gardens.

We used a mixture of white peonies, ‘Snowflake’ spray roses, white hydrangeas, gypsophila and white Avalanche roses as well as complementing foliage such as soft eucalyptus, seasonal English foliage and silver senecio. This one has to be my favourite so far!

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