58 Bridal Crowns and Wedding Headpieces for Every Style

Considering bridal crowns as part of your look? For many, it represents the ultimate wedding day accessory, a way to show off your  individual style or more poetically, the crowning of love.

Many opt for the fairytale tiara, yet the range of styles now suits any kind of bride from boho beach wedding to a traditional church with all the bells and whistles.

Whether you are looking to make a royal statement or add a touch of whimsical magic, we’ll walk you through all types of bridal headpieces to complete your bridal look with a complete guide by category plus some tips on how to wear your final selection. If a bridal veil is more your thing, check out our list of birdcage veils here.

Wedding Headpiece and Bridal Crown Styles

First things first: let’s discuss this common misconception about crowns and tiaras.

Most brides think that wearing a crown is only suitable for events with an elegant and sophisticated theme. Spoiler alert: this is not true.

We’ve put bridal crowns into the following key styles to help you work out which one fits you best: bohemian, modern, elegant, whimsical and vintage. Then, we combed through recent shoots featured on B.LOVED and added our favourites (such as B.LOVED Edit Member, Nora Eve Bridal) to create an exhaustive list of 58 gorgeous bridal crowns to help you in your search.


Inspired by hippie culture, the boho-chic style is favored by brides who want to celebrate their individuality.

If your personal taste lies in bohemian fashion, a wedding tiara with unconventional patterns might be the right fit for you. Think about how to complement the other elements of your look such as airy dresses and cascading bouquets!

Walk the aisle like a modern Greek goddess with this majestic headpiece. Besides, the bridal crown's gold olive leaf pattern is effortlessly regal.

Ideal for a balmy beach wedding, this festive hairpiece radiates the bohemian charm of summer days. Likewise, its wavy shape reminds us of the ocean, while its flower patterns create an earthy connection to nature.

If you want to wear a ‘floral crown’ without putting actual flowers on your hair, this option is the way to go. Made of pearls and rhinestones, this floral wreath adds a touch of luxury to your boho-chic look.

You can love the glitter and be bohemian at the same time! This Austrian crystal crown proves that you don’t have to skip sparkles during your hippie-chic celebration.

If you want to include a hint of whimsy in your boho look, this lovely crown is a great choice. Certainly, its white flowers add a subtle flavour and dreamy vibe to its golden leaf patterns.

Do you consider yourself a flower child? Adorned with floral charms and Swarovski crystals, this regal tiara is a perfect way to show off your free-spirited personality.

Prefer to be a goddess over a princess? With its olive patterns and traditional tiara shape, this triangle crown combines the beauty of royalty and mythology.


If your heart favours contemporary fashion, there are tonnes of modern bridal crowns to choose from.

To give you ideas, we picked some options that will complement your sleek dress and contemporary bouquet. Likewise, these modern bridal crowns will also mix well with fresh wedding elements, such as geometric décor and sans serif fonts!

Celebrate your day with a gorgeous headpiece. With gold dust accents, this quartz tiara radiates fresh and contemporary character.

Filled with delicate details, this tiara is perfect for minimalist brides. If you’d like to wear a no-frill dress, the Fleur Crystal Crown will surely tie together your whole look.

Formed from knitted wire lace, this flower crown exudes the very essence of ethereal modernity. Above all, its unique design and gentle glimmer are super swoon-worthy.

Nothing screams modern more than a geometric pattern! With an edgy vibe and fresh configuration, the Aurora Headpiece is surely one of the best modern bridal crowns around.

Who would have thought that applying a fresh perspective to Art Deco will lead to a modern design? Likewise, the Lia Wedding Crown is an excellent choice for contemporary brides who want to make an arty statement on their big day.

If you want to add a hint of boho to your modern get-up, this bridal crown is the way to go. Mixing fern patterns and quartz, the Sunflower Tiara is an extraordinary option for hippie-modern brides.

Looking for a headpiece that you can use even after the wedding? With its lovely pearls and minimalist style, the Odelia Bridal Tiara is a stunning piece that can feature again at future events!


If a sophisticated event is your cup of tea, you might as well be donned in stylish accessories during your wedding.

Adorned with luxurious stones and classic cuts, the following pieces are perfect for walking the aisle in style.

Embellished with Swarovski crystals and filigree, this headpiece radiates the essence of romance and regality. Besides, it's is a lavish option for brides who want to feel like a real-life princess on their special day!

Festooned with gemstones and pearls, the Aspen wedding tiara effortlessly blends femininity and elegance.

Dress up in a glamorous headpiece with the Charmaine Bridal Crown. A classic crown shape embellished with Swarovski crystals, this spectacular piece will keep everyone’s eyes on you.

Tie the knot like a beauty queen with the Makara crystal wedding crown from Kezani. Certainly, these enormous and sparkly jewels are perfect for making a statement.

On your big day, it’s acceptable to be a little extra. Featuring various sizes of crystals and stones, this silver bridal crown is the best way to be supremely dazzling.

Inspired by the gorgeous piece worn by the late Queen, this classic-cut crown is perfect for celebrating in royal fashion.

Show off your love for the outdoors with this unique yet elegant bridal crown. Perfect to complement a spring wedding bouquet.


Do you want to write your fairytale wedding? Then allow the whimsical wedding elements to come into play.

From puffed-sleeve wedding dresses to magical lanterns, this wedding style radiates the dreamy vibe of a wonderland.

Looking for hairpieces that will match your imaginative taste? We have you covered!

Inspired by the luminous beauty of the moon, this tiara meets the ideals of celestial lovers. Likewise, La Luna Wedding Crown combines shimmering pearls and ivory tones that are reminiscent of the moonlight.

A subtle nod to your childhood mermaid dreams? The underwater wonderland design the Oceania Crown dazzles with pearls, Swarovski crystals, and 18-carat gold plating.

Adorned with intricate patterns of blossoms and stems, this tiara radiates the beauty of a garden enchantress. Certainly, its nature-inspired design makes it a perfect piece for alfresco and spring celebrations.

This spring-like tiara glimmers with opals and freshwater pearls. A wavy hairdo will surely match this simple-yet-elegant piece.

Wow your guests with this mystical-inspired headpiece! Festooned with raw quartz and metal branch patterns, the Brienne Crown exhibits nature’s beauty.

With distinct dragonfly wing patterns, this bridal headpiece reminds us of the awe-inspiring charm of woodland fairies. Also, the crown’s icy vibe complements a winter celebration.

Who says that you can’t infuse a pastel palette with a crown? The colors of these bridal crown flowers range from grey, blush, and white.


Paying homage to the romanticism of the past is a lovely way to infuse a vintage theme with your wedding.

We’ve compiled the best bridal crowns that are exemplary of vintage style.

Inspired by Art Deco, the Estelle Bridal Crown features a vintage perspective to celestial bodies. We can’t help but gaze and recall the wonders of the night sky.

Effortlessly add a retro charm to your bridal look by choosing this pearl wedding crown. Certainly, it’s a perfect combination of feminine and vintage.

Embellished with genuine zirconia stones, the Peyton Bridal Crown is a unique piece for stylish brides. With its retro cut and dazzling glamour, this headpiece glorifies the elegance of the old days.

Tie the knot in a feminine vintage fashion with this classic hand-wired crown. In the same way, its fern charms infused a distinct touch to this ornate piece.

On your best day, spread the sparkle with this shimmering headpiece. In this bridal crown, flower and leaf patterns give a fresh Art Deco perspective.

Ornamented with various crystal sizes and shapes, this tiara is an extraordinary statement piece. Pair it with a lace wedding dress, and you’re good to go!

Celebrate like a classic queen by wearing this timeless headpiece. With curved shapes and haloes of gemstones, the Joelle Vintage Crown merges retro style and feminine elegance.

Featured on B.LOVED Blog

Sometimes the answer is right under your nose. At B.LOVED, we are fortunate to work with some of the best wedding suppliers and regularly feature shoots we genuinely love. While researching this guide, we thought where else to look but our own library of fantastic designs.

Below is a list of our favourites:

feminine head band
elegant bridal crown

36. Gold Leaf and Ivory Headband

Inspired by spring femininity, this headpiece by Miss Clemmie added a touch of feminine essence to the bride’s whimsical style.

37. Silver Vertical Leaf Tiara

Showcased in a lakeside wedding inspiration in Switzerland, this silver bridal crown celebrates nature with its vertical leaf patterns. Above all, it’s a perfect mixture of elegance and edge!

rustic headpiece
Nature-Inspired Crystal Bridal Crown

38. Stellar Bridal Crown

Rustic weddings pay tribute to the outdoors, and you could incorporate nature’s beauty in your bridal accessories. Made by La Chambre Blanche, this floral-inspired piece was featured in a rustic fine art wedding editorial in France.

39. Nature-Inspired Crystal Bridal Crown

Featured in the sage green wedding inspiration session, this headpiece is a great option for spring events. Likewise, its leaf and flower patterns effortlessly remind us of the vibrant season.

gold headband
white floral crown

Crafted by Maison Sabben, this romantic-chic headband matches the fine-art aesthetic of this vibrant wedding editorial in a castle.

This feminine headpiece by Elysian complemented the Aphrodite-inspired wedding inspiration in Cyprus. It's heavenly!

bridal hair vine
vintage headpiece

42. Flower Tendrils Headpiece

During a rustic wedding inspiration shoot in Spain, this delicate hair accessory glimmers under the Mallorcan sunshine. In case you’re wondering, this lovely piece is made by Carlina.

43. Aqua and Gold Vintage Bridal Crown

Showcased in a classic wedding inspiration shoot in Thicket Priory, this vintage crown by What Katy Did Next is reminiscent of the romantic colors of the past.

girly headpiece
vintage headdress

Flawlessly executing the balance of modern and whimsy, this headpiece from Vivi Embellish matched the aesthetics of the contemporary wedding inspiration session in North Wales.

45. Embellished Crystal Headband

Showcased in the white and green wedding editorial in the Sissons Barn, this creation by Botias Accessories left a lovely and romantic impression.

succulent headpiece
vintage floral accessory

46. Succulent Flower Crown

This green yet succulent headpiece by Rachel Sokhal matched the luxe and boho aesthetics of the wedding inspiration shoot in Mexico.

47. Rose and Pearl Hair Accessory

Evoking a romantic feeling of spring, this vintage floral headpiece is an excellent choice for classic weddings during the season.

boho bridal crown
quaint hair accessory

For fairytale lovers and imaginative brides, this whimsical tiara will surely fit your taste. Likewise, Zahra Crown radiates the essence of feminine nature and dreamy aesthetic.

49. Gold Stars Back Drape Headdress

On your special day, twinkle like a star with this delicate hair accessory from Luella’s. Certainly, it’s a subtle way to show off your celestial fascination during your wedding.
Made by Nora Eve Bridal, this pearl-embellished tiara is an extraordinary way to make a statement during your big day. Above all, it executes the perfect balance of whimsy, romanticism, and femininity.

51. Oversized Pearl Headband
This statement on-trend bridal headpiece from Anah Hana uses oversized pearls to create a dramatic effect fit for a queen. Check out how real B.LOVED bride, Gabriela, rocked this look in her fairytale Lisbon wedding.

52. Grecian GoldLeaf Headband
Move over Athena. This elegant gold twisting vine headband features in our Sicilian Aphrodite editorial is the ideal accessory for the romantic goddess. It pairs perfectly with Greco-Roman minimalist look.

53. Romantic Luisa Headband
The Luisa Headband from Vivi Embellish, with its delicate sculpted petals, is a gorgeous handcrafted accessory for the bold romantic. See here for how magical this headband looks when styled.

54. Gold Leaf Orla Headband 
Handmade in the UK, this delicate gold leaf floral inspired headpiece from Aureus Flos’ Botanica Collection is truly spectacular. It’s modern and luxurious yet ethereal.

55. Whimsical Flower Crown Headband
This whimsical headband from Glorious by Heidi is ideal for an autumnal weddings. See how it was used to fuse traditional wedding white with the warm colours of the season here.

56. The Eden Bridal Headband
This handcrafted Eden Headband from Ruby and Grace Bridal uses delicate pearls and flower sequins to create a subtle and sweet look. If this subtle beauty does not have enough oomph for you, it can be stacked with other headbands for a more striking look.

57. Geometric Nofret Crown
In our Sunny Intimate Country Wedding feature, Your Event Stylist used the contemporary geometric crown from Tilly Thomas Lux to add a sense of occasion to an otherwise understated look.

58. Satin Padded Headband
This satin padded headband was perfectly on-theme and on-trend for our Berlin Renaissance feature. It fuses old world elegance with hints of modern romance and balances out the intricacy of an ornate gown.


Tips for Choosing and Wearing a Bridal Crown?

  1. 1. Ensure that your tiara won’t clash with your wedding dress and bridal jewellery.

  2. Remember, your crown should match, not overpower your bridal look. Your dress is the statement, the crown is the ‘cherry on top,’ not the ice cream.
  3. 2. Placement is key.

  4. There is a golden rule for this – no more than an inch and a half from your hairline. To check, first place your thumb on your chin and your index finger between your eyebrows. Then, move your hand up so that your thumb is between your eyebrows. Your index finger is now touching where the base of the crown should rest.
  5. 3. To maximise the advantages of wearing a crown, try to pick one that complements your face shape.

  6. As a rule of thumb, you should select a tiara with a structure that is opposite to your face shape. For instance, a pointy one will accentuate a long face, while a round, flat one may emphasise a moon-shaped face. Test shapes before selecting your preferred style to avoid this and get the look you want.
  7. 4. For optimal grip, avoid washing your hair before wearing your bridal crown.

  8. Because of added texture, having day-old hair will keep the tiara from slipping.
  9. 5. It sounds obvious, but finish your hairstyling before you put the tiara on.

  10. Make sure to apply your hairspray before wearing the crown to avoid damage to the crown.
  11. 6. Secure the tiara in place by using bobby pins for extra grip.

  12. For aesthetic purposes, ensure that the bobby pins are invisible so they won’t attract unwanted attention.

7. Last but not the least:

Enjoy your big day and flaunt your tiara like a queen!

Additional Video Resources

For more advice on how to wear your crown check out this video. Also, for ideas on how to style your hair together with a headpiece, you’ll find a good start here.



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