6 Style Tips for Boho Bridesmaids

Bring on the free-spirited vibes, natural inspiration and vintage lace because bohemian-inspired weddings are here to stay. It’s no surprise why, as these weddings are gorgeous. Boho weddings feature outdoorsy aesthetics, natural elements and take inspiration from rustic and organic things. If you’re planning a boho wedding, you might be wondering what’s best in terms of your specific wedding party looks. Boho bridesmaids have a plethora of options when it comes to dresses, shoes, jewellery and accessories, so the choices might seem a bit overwhelming at first.

The good news is you can incorporate your personal style into your boho bridesmaid looks. The flirty and romantic elements of bohemian style are sure to be loved by your bridesmaids and make them feel beautiful on your big day. See our boho wedding accessory guide here.

If you’re in need of some inspiration and styling tips for dressing your bridesmaids for your boho wedding, you’re not alone. From bouquets to wedding bracelets and everything in between, here are a few important tips.

1) Get Inspired by Nature: The great outdoors is a huge part of bohemian style, so try to incorporate this into any and every part of your wedding day, including the ensembles of your bridesmaids. This not only applies to organic items like flowers and bouquets, but also colour schemes and overall aesthetic. A nature-inspired bridesmaid look will create an effortless and relaxed feel for your wedding party. Do your research, go outside and get inspired by Mother Nature herself!


2) Consider Non-Matching Dresses: Nature isn’t perfect and it doesn’t always match. This idea can be implemented into your bridesmaid looks by choosing bridesmaid dresses that aren’t perfectly matched. Thinking about choosing the same style of dress in different shades of your chosen colour is an easy way to achieve this mismatched trend. You might even choose different styles and different coloured dresses for your besties. The possibilities are truly endless with this dress trend and many brides even choose to mix it up with different textures, materials, prints or patterns.


3) Leave Things Overgrown: The beauty of a bohemian wedding is that everything need not be perfect. This goes for flowers, venues and, of course, your bridesmaids. For bridesmaids dresses, it’s okay if dresses are big and flowy. Overgrown flower arrangements are a good thing. Embrace the natural elements! For dresses in particular, boho-inspired styles feature a sort of undone grandeur. Think about dressing your bridesmaids in lace, crochet, big sleeves or even dresses in different lengths. Choosing a classic boho style or element within your bridesmaid dress will help strengthen your overall bohemian wedding style.


4) Go for Earth-toned Accessories: Earth tones are always a good idea. For boho weddings in particular, these colors are a great guideline for accessories in particular. Leave the bright and shiny colors behind and go for rich or washed out blues, greens and other lovely neutrals. In terms of shoes, go for something one or two shades darker than your chosen bridesmaid dress, but be careful of making the colors too different from each other. They should mesh well with one another.

For other accessories, bring your inspiration back to nature. Flower crowns are making a comeback this year (did they ever truly go out of style?) and they are a staple in many bohemian weddings. They’re also a great gift idea for your bridesmaids on your big day. The addition of extra flowers into your bridesmaid looks will heighten the natural elements within your wedding setup. See our tips on how to make a DIY spring flower crown here.


5) Choose Understated Jewellery: Due to the natural, more relaxed vibes associated with boho weddings, your bridesmaid looks should reflect the same values. This means that impeccably shiny, traditional wedding jewelry might not be the best decision for you and your wedding party. Don’t worry though! There are a ton of options when it comes to choosing jewelry guidelines for your boho bridesmaids.

When it comes to bridesmaid jewellery ideas for a boho wedding, think about vintage or nature-inspired pieces. Clean cut and modern jewelry might look a little out of place considering the rustic and quirky qualities of a bohemian wedding. Instead of these modern styles, consider handmade jewelry with different stones or crystals. Rose quartz and other popular crystals are inexpensive and a great addition to any boho bridesmaid look. This goes for earrings, bracelets and necklaces as well. When choosing your boho bridesmaid jewelry, be sure to keep things light and airy. Take a pass on the heavy, chunky jewelry and go for dainty and small pieces so as not to overdo it.

6) Alternative Bouquet Ideas: Flowers are an integral part of any boho wedding, so more is more when it comes to bouquets and foliage. If you’re going for a traditional boho flower arrangement with fresh flowers, you might consider switching it up with non-traditional flowers like eucalyptus, vines or even small fruits. It can be fun to get creative and choose a different arrangement for each bridesmaid!

If you want to forgo the bridesmaid bouquets and choose something else for your wedding party, your options are not limited in the least. Give your bridesmaids something else to hold like a lantern, metallic hoop or even a handcrafted fan. Some boho brides even have their bridesmaids carry painted wood with hanging moss or foliage. If you’d rather free up your bridesmaids’ hands instead, go old school with a boho-chic corsage for your favorite ladies. It’s easy to make your bridesmaids’ flower situation creative and very bohemian.


A Boho-Bold Bridal Party

With these tips, you and your bridesmaids can live your best boho lives on your wedding day. Between the neutral colors and earth tones, boho-style dresses and even an innovative flower arrangement or two, your bridesmaids will exude bohemian style with ease. Stick to traditional bohemian styles and trends and your bridesmaids will look perfectly boho-chic.


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