A Proposal at Sea – Ibrahim & Seçil

Ibrahim decided to surprise his girlfriend with a boat trip off the coast of Brighton. However, the cruise was not the only surprise he had in his back pocket. Ibrahim had planned a romantic proposal at sea for Seçil who loved the ocean but had never been on a boat …

Their Love Story

Various family members had tried to set up Ibrahim and Seçil, but Ibrahim was having none of it. He didn’t like the idea of anyone else getting involved, so ignored them for as long as he could. However, when they started sharing more details about this wonderful woman, Ibrahim was intrigued and decided he had to meet her. They chatted and texted, but had conflicting schedules, meaning they never got a chance to meet in person.

A couple of years later, Ibrahim found himself back in Brighton. Seçil was still on his mind and he knew this was his chance to finally get to meet her in person. From the moment Ibrahim saw Seçil, he was smitten—love at first sight. He said, “Mind, body and soul—she is everything I’d ever wished for.”

A Proposal at Sea

Seçil loves the sea, but had never been on a boat, so Ibrahim planned to pop the question on a surprise voyage out to sea. One day after work Ibrahim whisked Seçil away to get ready for a date night. Little did she know what was really in store! When they arrived at Brighton Marina, Ibrahim and photographer, Manon Pauffin, pretended Manon had been booked by the boat’s owner to photograph his boat, Wight Banks, for his website.

Manon had whispered subtly to Ibrahim to take Seçil towards the front of the boat and propose there. This allowed Manon to hide up on the flybridge, ready to capture their special moment from above. It was like a movie scene. The view was breath-taking with big moody skies, wind-blown hair and salty air. And two people, so in love that it makes your heart ache in the best possible way.

Wedding Bells

Ibrahim and Seçil are using the present pandemic as an opportunity to take some time to decide on what they want for their wedding. When asked about their plans, Ibrahim said, “All I know is I’m going to make Seçil the happiest bride alive.” What a romantic!



Photography: Manon Pauffin // Boat Hire: Brighton Prestige Boat Trips