A Roman Inspired Wedding in Old Chester

The Story: Why not welcome guests to your wedding with a style or theme that gives a nod to the chosen location of your celebration? There are plenty of ways to pay homage to your wedding location – some subtle and others being more obvious. The organisers of this shoot were inspired by the historic city of Chester and wanted to incorporate elements inspired by its Roman heritage.

The Location:  Chester is a walled cathedral city in Cheshire, England, on the River Dee, close to the Wales border. The Romans founded Chester as a fort in AD 79 previously known by the name, Deva Victrix. It is one of the best preserved walled cities in Britain with numerous historic buildings dating back centuries. The Old Palace Chester is located in the heart of historic Chester and melds old world charm with contemporary style. 

The Vibe: Luxury and elegance with a hint of Romanesque style. This wedding was a celebration of the wonderful history of Chester through thoughtful styling and locations which captured the city’s rich history.

The Details: The styling was kept crisp, fresh and simple. The colour palette consisted of white accentuated by green foliage. This included indoor potted trees and a recurring motif of laurel leaves (including for the groom’s pin, bridal headpiece and stationery) to add a Roman feel. To bring in that luxe vibe, the florals were styled using a classic romantic combination of white roses and pink peonies. Both the bride’s gown and the wedding cake featured an on-trend oversized white bow for a touch of modernity.

Tips & Highlights:

  • If you are considering an urban wedding, think about ways to incorporate a nod to your city location through your styling choices.
  • A minimalist colour palette can keep things uber chic and timeless but still modern.  
  • If you are thinking about a classic wedding, remember that harmony and subtly are key.




Makeup, Styling and Planning: Cathryn Kerwin-Rawlinson // Photography: Joe Bickerton // Dresses: Bellissima Brides // Videography: Authentic Weddings // Venue: Old Palace Chester // Suits: Groom Hire Chester // Shoes: Charlotte Mills // Hairpieces: Garter and Veil // Dried Floral Headpiece: Collections by Carol // Jewellery and Rings: Wongs // Venue Dressing: Madisson J Creation // Cake: The Cake Pavilion // Bouquet: Blooms Floristry  // Stationery: Pink Sherbet // // Bridal Hair: Carol Ellis Thompson // Coordinator Assistant: Bev Futia // Models: Alanah and Victor