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Affordable Moissanite Engagement Rings

Moissanite is fast becoming a staple in the world of engagement rings and is ever-growing in popularity. As specialists in this stunning white gemstone Lily Arkwright are a leading UK Jeweller who are proud to produce incredible quality engagement rings, set with this gorgeous and luxury gem. If you’d like to know more about moissanite, then read on to find out why this jewel should be on your wishlist.


The first reason you should be considering moissanite as a centre stone is its dazzling appearance. The clarity and sparkle of this stone is rivalled by only the very best traditional mined diamond. Moissanite and diamonds are almost impossible to tell apart when compared side by side, and only a trained jeweller would be able to see any notable difference. Moissanite makes for a wonderful alternative engagement ring and is a truly gorgeous gemstone.

Moissanite engagement rings are graded in a very similar way to diamonds using the 4 C’s. These are cut, colour, clarity and carat. In terms of colour, all moissanite offered by Lily Arkwright is graded as either D-F (colourless) with only their brightness telling them apart, or G-I (near colourless) which is still almost imperceptible. As it is grown in the lab the clarity and carat sizes of moissanite available are only equalled by the rarest and highest quality of mined gemstones.


The other significant difference between mined diamonds and gemstones grown in the lab is the cost. Moissanite gemstones come at a smaller price point as well as having a smaller impact on the environment than traditional mining. All these jewels have exactly the same chemical composition as those formed in the earth and are fully certified at a better cost to the planet, as well as your purse.

There are three different ranges of moissanite offered by Lily Arkwright; premium Charles & Colvard Forever One moissanite, the Charles & Colvard Hearts and Arrows collection, and Lily Arkwright Moissanite. As the established creators of lab grown moissanite, Charles and Colvard are world leaders in producing this gemstone and have been doing so for the last two decades. As an alternative brand, Lily Arkwright Moissanite also delivers superior calibre moissanite that also comes with a lifetime warranty (just like with Charles and Colvard).

In fact, as Lily Arkwright Moissanite is sourced by the company themselves, they can offer gemstones that are in no way inferior to Charles & Colvard and of their same incredible quality, but at an even lesser cost.

Ethical and Sustainable

The other major benefit of choosing moissanite is the fact that it is ethical and sustainable. Unlike traditionally mined diamonds, lab grown jewellery has a significantly smaller carbon footprint and all of the ethical implications that are often involved with mining practices are eliminated. As consumers become more aware of the ramifications of their purchases, more and more couples are opting for moissanite as a green choice.


The Mohs scale of hardness is a measurement that tests the scratch resistance of a mineral, diamond scores a 10 as the hardest material on the planet and in comparison moissanite scores a 9.25. Despite being slightly lower than diamond, this is still a very high score and means that any moissanite engagement ring works fantastically as a piece of jewellery to be worn every day.

Bespoke Design Service

Although Lily Arkwright offers a huge array of options when it comes to engagement rings, for those who wish for something truly unique, they also have a bespoke ring design service. Working with a member of their expert jewellery consultancy team, customers can design their dream engagement ring. 

If you’d like to enquire about anything to do with lab grown gemstones or have any questions about engagement rings or bespoke pieces, please do not hesitate to get in contact with Lily Arkwright via their website, email [email protected] or call on 0161 537 6773.




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