Pop Stars: Alcoholic Popsicles & Popsicle Aperitifs

Boozy popsicles (aka ice lollies or icy poles, depending where in the world you reside) are a super fun and creative way to welcome guests to a party. They are perfect for a summery wedding, garden parties and beachside celebrations, particularly when serving alcoholic popsicles to your guests in a glass of prosecco. Throw in some ice cubes with edible flowers or berries for those summer vibes.

DIY lovers can make their own alcoholic popsicles, with plenty of recipes available, including these from Delish and Country Living. However, if you don’t have the time to make your own, there are plenty of delicious premade options for you and your guests to enjoy. See our favourites below. 

Remember: lick responsibly!

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3. Pimms No.1 (lemonade, cucumber, strawberry & mint) by POPs

4. Mojito by Lic

spiked popsicles
wedding booze

6. Watermelon Martini Soju by IYC POP