And a lusciously happy Friday to you gorgeous b.lovers!

Coming to you (almost) live from Copenhagen, I’m your travelling wedding planner today. Rather than talking you through this marvellous city though, I’ll take you on a tour of one uh-may-zing venue a tad closer to home. Take a walk with me?

I don’t get out to play half as much as I’d like to, especially during the summer (or ‘insane season’, as we lovingly call it) but a couple of weeks ago, I threw the ops files to the wind and skedaddled into town for an early afternoon of checking out Altitude London. I used to live in Putney and have always had a huge love for being by the river. Make that riverside location one with epic views across London and you’ve got me on your side.

I shan’t make you envious with the beautiful event that was hosted by the Altitude event team for planners and PRs – it’ll make you far too envious to hear all about the scrumptious afternoon tea and resplendent decorations we (literally) feasted on. The pictures will do that much better than my words could.

If you’re looking for a cool London venue with spectacular views, one that’s easily accessible and suitable for all manner of functions and styles, and by the river no less, Altitude could well be it.

Based in the Millbank Tower and almost right next door to the Tate Britain, it’s fantastically simple to get to.

The Allure Altitude event focussed on the two main event spaces: Altitude 360° and the Skyloft.

Altitude 360° is a minimalist’s vision of perfection. Aptly named for its wrap-around views of the city, you’ll never get bored watching London go about its business. And talk about breathtakingly sparkly views once night falls! Better than any backdrop you could buy. The almost blindingly white marble floors are perfect for a wedding – no grappling with how to stop a hideous carpet from clashing with your colour theme here. And the fact that it’s such a blank canvas means you can let your imagination run wild. I’m not a styling genius but I can see a whole host of different themes work just beautifully in this spectacular space.

This isn’t about my taste but if you asked me, the Skyloft would be just my cup of tea. It’s all in the exposed brick walls, the snazzily mismatched wooden floors (I was tempted to start painting on the Chapel floors) and the general warehouse-ey, loft-style feeling you get the moment you walk through the door. And just one level below Altitude 360°, the Skyloft’s views across town are still pretty darn stunning.

And did I mention there’s even a cinema-style private screening room? Perhaps one for a ‘watching the wedding film’ party?

But enough from me, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. If you need any further information, the Altitude event team will be delighted to help.

Noodles of love,

— Mrs b&g



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