When a couple’s first date is a 10 hour drive from Amsterdam to the Tuscany, you know that there is going to be a super sweet love story involved…and with a proposal story set in Champagne in France thrown in for good measure, you might be excused for thinking you are watching a Hollywood story.

Alas, this love is all for real and today we are delighted to share Natasha and Stef’s engagement shoot with you.

Natasha and Stef were lucky enough to win their engagement shoot with the fabulously talented Anouschka Rokebrand. It came complete with a trip to the Amalfi Coast, a styled shoot and engagement shoot and lots of prosecco and fun! It certainly sounds like the chance of a lifetime to me, and here is the beautiful fruits of that labour…

Love story:

Stef and I first met in 2009, he was the creative design supplier and I was the client for a technology company. We got on really well from the beginning and became firm friends in 2010. A Christmas party kicked things into a different gear but it wasn’t until I had to leave Amsterdam in 2011 for a three month assignment in Sydney, Australia, that he realized he wanted us to be more than good friends. And so began dating long distance.

I landed back in Amsterdam on Saturday 6th August and on Monday 8th August we drove to Italy for our first holiday. Our first official date was the 10 hour drive from Amsterdam to Lake Como. Stef officially asked me to be his girlfriend on 12th August.

The engagement:

Stef and I had conversation about getting married and so I knew that at some point there would be a proposal. Stef had previously joked that he would propose with balloons and not a ring, so I made sure along the way to provide him with enough ‘support’ to secure the ‘yes’ he’d be looking for.

For my birthday in 2014 Stef gave me a necklace from a French designer. In my birthday card there was a little note that said that we would be going to Champagne, France so that the necklace could be worm in its homeland. I thought I was being really spoilt, not knowing that was the proposal!

Leading up to the proposal Stef did lots of research and planning, I learned. Little did I know how close I came to his planning when I, coincidentally, walked into the jewellery shop where he was designing the ring and enquired about another piece of jewellery I wanted made.

In November we drove to Champagne and had so much fun exploring, learning about all the important ingredients of champagne and tasting and finding our favourites. Stef had booked a beautiful hotel, Les Creyeres in Reims, where we stayed and had the most magnificent meal in their restaurant, Le Parc. After dinner we went back to our room.

Stef told me to wait at the door, which made me wonder what other birthday surprised were in store. As I entered the room, I saw a bouquet of roses and a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket. Before I could fully realise what was about to happen, Stef got down on one knee and with all the right words, asked me to marry him. There were no balloons.

I said yes. I laughed, I was so happy. And then I cried because I was so happy. It’s the best feeling ever!


Emma K

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