Anne & Joris’ Colour Me Crazy Wedding {Part 2}

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We’re back for Part 2 of Anne & Joris’ rainbow-coloured wedding! If you’ve already fallen in love with Anne’s multi-coloured peony bouquet (who wouldn’t?!), paper streamer ceremony backdrop (hello!) and cute-as-a-button VW bus wedding transport in Part 1 you might be thinking there can’t possibly be more. Well prepare to be wowed. Grab a cuppa and get ready for a candy-coloured dessert bar, rainbow ribbons and vibrant florals…

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I spent many an hour on Pinterest, during my daily commute to work. Of course I also scanned wedding magazines, websites and blogs, but it was Pinterest that really helped define our style and preferences.  We decided very early on that we didn’t want a typical wedding and having one or two main colours just seemed boring. We both love colour so from the start we felt very strongly about incorporating lots of colour. When people started asking us for a dress code or theme, at first we said there was none because to us a theme felt too conventional and limited. But as time drew on it turned out our theme was quite clear all along: colour me crazy! We incorporated all seven colours of the rainbow into the day and it was so much fun.

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Our master of ceremony, Wendy, recommended a friend of hers to help with styling. We had a lot of ideas but not enough time to bring this to fruition. Lita is very creative and made it all work as a whole. Lita and Wendy made a special rainbow carpet (instead of a red carpet) and direction boards. They made an amazing ceremony backdrop with pom poms and streamers and a special craft ‘nook’ with lovebirds taken from our invitation, where guests could leave us a wish for the future. They also decorated the dinner table and sweet table with MR & MRS signs, ribbons, flowers, candy and confetti. For the evening party they made a life-size Polaroid template, customized it with our names and wedding date and took pictures of guests ‘in’ the Polaroid, which we sent to the guests as a thank you.  Peonies and roses are my favourite flowers, so it was a given we would use these. Various wild flowers in all sorts of colours were added to make it a little rustic and casual.  The whole day and venue burst with colour, exactly what we had in mind.

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I noticed Anouschka’s work in the very first bridal magazine I bought and her name kept popping up on the websites I checked in the early planning stages. I loved her style instantly and we met with her and Raymond in January already. They are such sweet people and their professional attitude mixed with a lot of personal contact made it a very easy choice for us, one of the best we made for the wedding.

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favourite moment

The ceremony was very special to us. Joris’ father was our registrar and as he knows us so well, this gave the whole ceremony such an incredible personal touch and set us at ease from the start. We also exchanged our own vows, something I knew I wanted to do many years ago already. For me it was very emotional to see Joris tear up at my vows. Of course I tell him I love him regularly, but really expressing why and how much, in front of all of our friends and family… That was very important to both of us.

The whole day was such a whirlwind of emotions but what struck us most at the end, was the incredible amount of love and happiness we were surrounded with all day. We were blown away by all the thoughtful and loving words of our guests. So this overall feeling is really my favourite recollection of the day.

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first dance

Best of My Love by the Emotions. We had a 70s / 80s / 90’s party and this is one of our favourite songs so it was a great way to kick-start the party.


I honestly wouldn’t change a thing. Our wedding was so much better than what we could ever imagine or hope it would be. My advice for other couples is to truly follow your heart. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. Surround yourselves with people who really ‘get’ what you want on your wedding day. From the venue to the florist, DJ, stylist and photographer; it’s so important to feel everyone is on par. Because our wedding was a little unconventional, it took some time for us to find the right suppliers but in the end it was absolutely worth it. Don’t let yourself be talked into things you don’t want to do. For me the planning process was also a lesson in sticking up for myself and not being swayed (too much) by the wishes of others or the run of the mill way some suppliers treat you. I can also vouch for spending good money on the best photographer you can find. This is really worth every penny! Anouschka and Raymond captured every second of our day so beautifully, more so than I ever imagined possible. I knew this was important beforehand, but I am even more convinced after the wedding that this is one of the most important investments for your wedding.

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Photographer: Anouschka Rokebrand // Dress: Cymbeline from Covers Couture // Shoes: Rainbow Collection, Elsa // Groomswear: custom made at Salvatore Vacerra // Florist: Funky Flowers // Cake: Liss Cakes // Stationery: design by my colleague Anne Kiemeneij, printed at Van Der Hulst Drukkerij // Hair: Kurz, Jacqueline has been my hairdresser for many years // Makeup: Nadia Smit // Venue & Catering: Parel van Zuilen // DJ: The Electric Pranksters // Planner &  Stylist:  Liever Lita


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