I adore sharing the work of my talented friend Melissa Beattie, and when it comes complete with a gorgeous couple and THE most romantic proposal story, ever, it’s an even bigger pleasure!  Helena & Graeme’s engagement shoot on Bamburgh Beach is a wedding blogger’s dream, the colours, style and light all coming together perfectly in a romantic little bubble.  It’s making me even more excited to work with this lady on a special personal project next month on the very same beach!  But today, let’s enjoy Helena & Graeme’s story, it’s well worth a read…

Graeme and I met through working together in an activity centre in North Wales. We worked together for about 10 months before Graeme left to go to another centre on the Isle of Wight. He tells me he fancied me from the moment he met me but I never realised. We didn’t really spend much time together outside of work. It was only after he left and I decided to go and visit him on the Isle of Wight that our relationship began. I would definitely say Graeme made a lasting impression on me that weekend; we danced on the beach (he taught me the Gay Gordons), we played games in the arcade and Graeme showed me his golf skills during a competitive round of crazy golf! Unbeknownst to us then, it was the best first date ever!

Graeme completely surprised me when he proposed on our 2nd anniversary. Many a person has shed a tear when listening to this story, which makes Graeme feel very proud. It’s a long story but hopefully worth it so stick with me. The story goes…

Graeme woke me up on the morning of our anniversary by jumping on the bed and making me laugh. He was a lot more excited than he normally would be on a Tuesday morning, I thought it was because it was our anniversary and he was off work that day. He asked me if I trusted him and I said ‘yes, of course’. He said he was planning a surprise for me when I got home from work so he was going to be very busy all day. I thought he was going to make me a romantic dinner for 2 or something.

After I gave him his card and present I went off to work. I text him just before lunch to see if I could come home to have lunch with him but he said I wasn’t allowed to come to the house until he had finished sorting out his surprise which would be after work. I just thought he must be putting decorations up around the house and making it look pretty.

He text me just before I was due to leave work saying ‘when you’re outside the house let me know’. So when I arrived home I did just that. I got a reply saying ‘You can come inside but you have to go straight upstairs. Don’t go in the living room.’ Following his instructions I went upstairs to the bedroom and there was no sign of Graeme. What I did find was a photograph of us, taken a few months earlier, surrounded by candles. On the wardrobe there hung my favourite dress and a note saying ‘put this on and text me when you’re ready’. I got ready, text him and followed his next set of instructions, which was to go downstairs to the living room.

There was still no sign of Graeme anywhere. Another note lay waiting for me on the coffee table instructing me to press play on the television. Graeme had made me a video of our two years together; it made me laugh, it made me cry and I had no idea he was so talented at making videos. I would like to say at this point I still had no clue what was about to happen I just thought ‘Wow he’s really gone all out for this anniversary!’

The second to last instruction was to open the letter that sat on the table. As I opened the letter ‘Wake me up’ by Ed Sheeran started playing. Graeme had written down all his thoughts and feelings about our time together; how much he loved me, and how much he appreciated all I’d done for him. The tears were in full flow by now. His final line read ‘I know I ask so much of you but I have one more question to ask.’ (The penny dropped) ‘Open the kitchen door when you’re ready’. I tried to compose myself as much as I could, which was quite hard considering I was a blubbering mess. I shakily walked to the kitchen door, opened it, and there he was…all suited and booted, down on one knee, ring in hand. It took him a good few seconds to ask me. He was so nervous but as soon as I said yes we felt like the happiest couple in the world. I rang my mum soon after to tell her and she said she already knew because Graeme had asked her for her permission. It’s an experience I will never forget, I still remember all the little details like it was yesterday.

The only people involved in our pre-wedding shoot was Melissa (our photographer), Graeme and myself. Melissa found a gorgeous setting at Bamburgh Beach in Northumberland and the sun was shining, it was perfect. We’re so pleased Melissa is our photographer, we get on so well. She makes us laugh, which really helps when she’s taking photos because we are both quite awkward in front of the lens. We love her style and, like us, ‘traditional’ photos aren’t something she’s keen on capturing. She understands us and we understand her. We’re really excited to have her as part of our big day.


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