There is something so beautifully romantic about an elopement. It is a day devoted quite literally to the couple and their love, and that alone. It is the absolute epitome in intimate and personal. And best of all, because you aren’t stretching the purse strings as much, you don’t have to compromise on the venue.

Nicola and Lawrence chose the utterly stunning Barnsley House in Cirencester for their elegant elopement, and I think you will agree it was a stunning choice. They day was captured by Sarah Hannam, a very talented fine art wedding photographer.

The results are breathtaking. Make sure you read on afterwards to hear from Nicola about the wedding planning journey, and why they chose an elopement.

Our Love Story:

He was charming, talented, kind and handsome, as if I wasn’t going to fall in love with this man. We had worked together for three years before our love blossomed. At work he was always happy to help and advise, and as were both designers it was great to have someone new to bounce ideas off. We were both totally unaware that this friendship would turn into something far more special.

We began to spend time together outside of work and found that this time was becoming our happiest, we realised that there was more to this friendship than either of us had imagined. Our feeling grew and we fell in love. The day I married Lawrence all my dreams came true! I never dreamt I could be this happy.


For us it was all about the marriage, we certainly had not expected the day to be so breathtakingly perfect. The plans were all in place; small, understated and intimate. Neither of us particularly enjoys the limelight, and obviously spending a small fortune was definitely not on our agenda. With the blessing of our parents and siblings, we took a chance hoping that our dear friends and family would understand our decision to elope. We just wanted to keep it simple.

The venue:

Barnsley House is the most beautiful venue; it has charm, sophistication and class, not to mention the stunning gardens. What more could we have wished for on our special day. It was also here, in the temple garden, that Lawrence proposed! It couldn’t have been a more perfect venue for our wedding day!

We had chosen to be married in the same spot, in the temple garden, which meant we had our fingers crossed for the weather; thankfully we were blessed with beautifully warm sunshine all day, and the gardens themselves looking spectacular!

Fashion and colours:

Although we wanted the day to be low key we also wanted it to be a day to remember so we decided to adorn the traditional wedding attire, and lets face it, a girl can always do with a beautiful new dress!

We both love fresh; calming colours so light grey and peach were our chosen palette.

The flowers:

Lawrence’s lovely rose and thistle boutonniére complimented my bouquet perfectly. The bouquet combined beautiful fresh greens and amazing white phonies with the most stunning peach roses tied together with sheer white organza ribbon.

Most memorable moment:

The overwhelming feeling of happiness when we said our vows.

Any advice for other brides?

They say your wedding day flies by and often you don’t get to see much of your new spouse, well, we really were blessed to have had a wedding day that was totally and utterly focused on us and the commitment we were making to each other.

Thankfully the news of our happy day was received with wide eyes and excitement and most importantly, love and acceptance. We are very lucky to have such amazing friends and family!

I totally recommend eloping!! This is your wedding day, follow your heart


Emma K

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