Garden Romance

Katlyn and Bryce’s engagement session  is super romantic – strolling through exquisite gardens, dancing and warm laughter. Photographer, Tara, tells us about session, “The aroma of peonies and roses filled the air. The wine was poured. And the sunset streamed through the overarching greens at every turn. Whispers of the spring breeze swirled about as these two danced, laughed, and lingered”

“Every detail was thought of – the fresh bouquet of flowers Bryce bought Katlyn, just because. Going on a shopping spree to find the perfect outfits. And even booking a night at the estate’s private bed and breakfast, away from all the wedding planning, was their intentional way of preparing for their romantic, garden engagement session. ”


Katlyn tells us more about how they met and Bryce’s beautiful proposal, “Prior to graduating from VCU with a degree in Fashion Merchandising, I accepted a job as a merchandiser at Trump National Golf Club in Washington, DC. My first week I met Bryce and we instantly hit it off! Bryce is from a small town outside of Pittsburgh and had been there for 2 years when I first started. One of our co-workers could tell there was a spark that was ready to be lit and asked us to join him and a few people at a local piano bar. That night Aaron and his wife tipped the piano players $40 to have both Bryce and I up on stage and dance to, “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.” It was fate from that point on. We dated for 2 years and he has been the biggest blessing to me at just the right time. Bryce is not only my colleague. He’s my best friend – I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life by his side!

The way he proposed was one of the most thoughtful things I could of ever imagined. Bryce’s last name is Beach (awesome, right???). He planned out the proposal months prior and asked my mom for permission. He told my mom he wanted to propose while we were in Florida before the one year anniversary of my brother’s passing. I find that to be so sweet and confirming because not only did he think about me and helping me cope with a difficult time in my family, he also thought about my mom. He wanted her to have a month, week, and day to look forward to instead of dreading the day she mourned over.

Both my mom and cousin Lauren were in on the scheme. They planned for us to go watch the sunset on Siesta Key. When we parked, my mom asked if she could take a picture of him and I at the street intercrossing of Beach Road & Beach Way. Once we took the picture, Bryce got down on one knee right there! The most beautiful ring was enclosed in a seashell as he asked me, “Will you be my Beach?”

The sun began to set at that very moment. It was like my brother was there with us on this special occasion.”