The 15 Best Mobile Wedding Bars For Your American Wedding

A wedding bar is a key feature of the wedding reception. Whether it’s alcoholic or not, it serves as a gathering place for guests and offers a great opportunity to show off adorable customised cocktails for your big day. Also, without a bar, how would everyone toast to your happily married bliss? 

When you’re planning your wedding a big question is what kind of bar you will eventually decide on. Cash bar? Open bar? Limited bar? This often comes down to finances and how much alcohol you want flowing at your event. Now there is a new consideration, the mobile wedding bar. 

The mobile bar is a cute trend that has popped up in recent years. This is a stocked bar that may or may not have a bartender. It’s usually on wheels of some kind, meaning you can bring the party to you wherever you host your big day. Often it is a converted camper, horse trailer or small vehicle of some kind that has been dressed up for any occasion.

In the United States, mobile bars popularity has exploded with creative variations becoming central features in guest Instagram photographs. Couples are choosing these focus pieces as they can add an element of fun, especially to the cocktail hour. 

The variety of bars available is impressive. Coming in all shapes, sizes and themes, you can decide whether you want a bar that focuses on a speciality drink or spirit. These bars are often customisable in design and features meaning you can work them seamlessly into your wedding theme. 

Take a look at these incredible mobile wedding bars that will become an instant centrepiece of any wedding.

Mobile wedding bar: bubble tap

This impressive mobile bar combines the thrill of pulling a beer and popping a champagne bottle. The inventive converted vintage trailer allows guests to pull a glass of champagne before raising a toast to the couple.

*Southern California, Texas & Louisiana 

Mobile wedding bar: El Dorado

With three converted horse trailers of offer, you can choose a mobile bar that speaks to your weddings style. From the classic Tiffany blue to the steampunk matte black, these bars offer drinks in style. You can also add on lawn games with the bar, making it a fun addition to any cocktail hour.

*Placer, Sacramento, Yolo and El Dorado

Mobile wedding bar NY

With two variations of truck on offer, either are a great addition to any indoor or outdoor function. Compact and cute, these bars offer up a wide selection of cocktails, craft brews and prosecco. The Ape is especially impressive with seven handles which are perfect for a bigger guestlist.

*Multiple Locations here

Mobile wedding bar: Sidecar

Those who love the outdoors will appreciate this converted classic trailer from the 1960s. Refitted to extend into a unique bar, you can park it anywhere and have guests mingle while the bartenders mix them delicious drinks.


Mobile wedding bar

This converted horse trailer adds a touch of farm style whimsy to your event and the delicious cocktails won’t fail to impress. You can even work with the team to come up with a signature drink for your big day. 


Mobile wedding bar: Nashville

Playing on its southern charm, this mobile bar from Nashville comes in three versions. You can choose from the horse trailer bar with taps, the cart bar for an intimate event or the flagship camper for something bigger.


Mobile wedding bar: Hello Penny

Simple and sweet, this mobile bar was built for the owners own wedding and is now the highlight of celebrations across California. This fully equipped restored trailer has a pastel facade, making it adaptable to any wedding theme.

*San Diego & Los Angeles

Mobile wedding bar: Prosecco

This mobile bar is all about wine. If you’re wanting a focused drinks list, then a wine bar is a great choice, especially a prosecco wine bar. Featuring cocktails that all centre around bubbles and wine, you can delight guests beyond the classic champagne toast. If you’re feeling very festive, you can even opt for one of the multiple Sangria options.

*New York

Mobile wedding bar: Petite Street

These mobile bars offer a wide range of choices when it comes to style and design. From the classic trailer to the converted horse trailer, you can decide which works best for your wedding. One thing they all have in common though is custom cocktails. These bars specialise in making the custom drink which will be a hit on your big day.

*Reno & Lake Tahoe

Mobile wedding bar: Pour House

As the name suggests, this mobile bar is a converted 1975 King Horse Trailer in Austin, Texas. With a rustic charm, this mobile bar lends a farmyard elegance to your event. If you’re not looking for a standard bar, it can also be set up for desert or coffees as well.


Roving Bar

Bring a bit of Italian elegance to your event with these converted mobile bars. The Aster has been specifically designed for weddings with a white coat of paint and a mother of pearl backdrop for the taps. If you’re looking for a pop of colour, the Bluebell’s lovely blue hue provides a delicate contrast to your event.

*New Jersey

13th Street Cocktails

This mobile bar is all about unique, artisan cocktails. Everything here is homemade including the mixers like tonic water and ginger beer. The team can supply freshly shucked oysters to serve with your boozy beverages. Talk about a perfect match!


Mobile wedding bar: Nashville

For something a bit more dramatic this all black mobile camper bucks the whimsical white trend. This darker design lends maturity and elegance to this statement piece. You can also choose the horse trailer with the same dark look or simple bar carts if you’re hosting a smaller event.


The Steer Salon

It’s all about good-old US country with this mobile bar. Adorned with a buck skull and an American wooden flag, this mobile bar is a patriotic edition to your wedding day. The outback feel is the perfect compliment to a farm or outdoor wedding.

*Western California

Hitched Co Wedding Bar

There is something special about aero trailers, somehow appearing both futuristic and vintage at the same time. This restored  1951 Boles Aero trailer mobile bar stands out without too much effort, with the metal exterior reflecting your party back to you. Wow guests with professional bartenders pouring cocktails that taste good as well as look good.

*Northern California

For more mobile wedding bar ideas you can always look for inspiration in our Australian list here and our UK list here.