Boho Beach Wedding in Greece: Pascal and Miriam

The Story:  Pascal and Miriam got engaged in December 2019. Their dream has always been to get married in Greece. Miriam is half-Greek and Pascal is German. They had been traveling to Greece every year since they got together and wanted to share their love of Greek traditions, delicious food, beautiful beaches and warm local hospitality with their friends and family from Germany (where they reside).

The Location: Mango Beach Bar in Preveza. Located on Kanali beach and is one of the largest beach bars in Iperio with modern facilities and a dream environment. This beach bar was  transformed into the perfect wedding location through the use of festive string lighting, beautiful florals and stunning boho table decorations.

The Vibe:  A boho beach delight. Laughing, dancing and a celebration of love under the stars and by the sound of the sea!

The Details: The most anticipated detail of this wedding was whether Pascal and Miriam would be able to dance with their guests due to on and off again COVID restrictions. The couple was thrilled that the restrictions were relaxed prior to their celebration and they arranged for DJ, This is Alex Awesome to come from Germany so they could dance the night away. This included some traditional Greek dancing. It was important for Pascal and Miriam to celebrate all things Greek so they focused on Greek delights in their catering, serving their guests traditional gyros as a midnight snack! 

Tips & Highlights:

  • Arranging a destination takes a lot of organisation. Get support where needed. Pascal and Miriam relied on the help of their wedding planners, Meli Wedding. They spoke regularly over Skype before they were able to arrange an in-person site visit. The wedding planners were also crucial in speaking with the local council and the venue.
  • If you’re planning on getting married in a language that some of your guests might not understanding, consider having a translator present to make sure they feel part of your ceremony.
  • A macrame embellished beachside altar is a DIY-friendly way to bring those boho vibes to your wedding day.



Planning & Styling: Meli Weddings // Photographer: Lefteris Kalampokas // Catering: Mamalis Catering //Sound and Lights: Art Audio // Venue: Mango // DJ: This is Alex Awesome // Celebrant: Freier Redner Karim Yahiaoui