36 Beautiful Bridal Robes To Complete Your Wedding Day Prep

Getting ready for your big day has become almost as important as the ceremony itself. The behind-the-scenes prep is often included in the photographs, so you’ll want to be looking and feeling beautiful while you’re getting ready to walk down the aisle. A key element of the getting ready process are bridal robes. 

Bridal robes are the outfit before the most important outfit, your wedding dress. It’s in this robe that you’ll sit and have your make-up and hair done, laugh with your friends, get a little emotional with your mother and toast to your big day with a glass of champagne.

Bridal robes aren’t just your standard bathrobe though. Rather, they are gorgeous pieces which speak to your aesthetic and style. From the classic white silk robe to a fun, personalised piece, there is no shortage of options which will speak to you and make your day unique. You can also match your robe to your wedding lingerie. If you’re still considering lingerie ideas take a look at B.LOVED’s Bridal Lingerie 2020: Custom vs Off the Rack. 

Getting ready together is also an opportunity to bond with your bridesmaids and have some girl time.If you’re planning to get ready together with the friends who have been by your side through this whole process, then matching robes help cement this moment and provide great pictures for your wedding album. They also make a great gift for your bride tribe. 

What’s Your Bridal Robe Style?

We’ve selected the best bridal robes to inspire you and grouped them by style. Featuring romantic, boho, party, embellished and classic, there is sure to be a style that speaks to you. 


The romantic robe is all about the fabric. These robes have flowing gossamer panels with lace accents peaking out along the edges, or delicate cut outs sewn into mesh lined with a silk tie. If you’re looking for that princess feeling, then a romantic ethereal robe is the answer. If your wedding theme has touches of whimsical charm then these robes are the perfect compliment. 

Most often in white or delicate pastel colours, you can choose to keep it simple or add a contrast to your wedding lingerie. Choose from additional details like teardrop sleeves, layers of fabric or a tapered hem. 


For the bride looking to break the rules and get that laid back feel, then a boho robe will bring that vintage, rock and roll feel to your big day. Bend the tradition of the delicate bride without losing the feminine touch, while speaking to popular elements of the 1960s and 70s. 

Featuring textured accents like fringe, crochet and repeating patterns, these robes are great for the bride having a beach or alternate wedding. This is a statement piece that will make a great addition to your big day, it will also make you stand out if you plan robes for the entire bridesmaid team and will be a fantastic addition to your day-to-day cupboard. 


If you’re after a robe to share with your bridesmaid team then a party robe is for you. Coordinating a group of robes so you look like the united team that you’ve become over these months of planning is a great way to get some fantastic group pictures. 

These party robes bring the fun you’re after for you and your girls. The bride’s robe should stand-out either with a different material, colour or pattern so it’s easy to spot whose big day it is. You can also add a special personalised touch by adding monograms of each of the bridesmaids names, or cute bride group names that are uniquely your own. 


Not for the bride looking for something simple. Embellished are sure to be eye-catching in any behind-the-scenes photographs, adding a touch of drama which can take a getting ready look from plain to show stopping. 

Large sleeves, harkening back to the 1940s golden age of Hollywood, delicate flower petals dripping off your shoulders or even a bit of bling with bright white or assorted coloured jewels to catch the light, nothing is off the table when it comes to adding to this wedding day look. 


There is nothing like timeless elegance and you can’t go wrong with a classic white robe. You will never look back on your photos and question your design choice as the beautiful images of you in a crisp white gown will be on trend forever. 

If you’re feeling creative you can sneak in a slight lace accent or even choose a sheer robe with panels, but keeping the details small and the colour uniform is what the classic bridal robe is all about. If you’re choosing to have robes for all your bridesmaids the classic robe is a great choice to make sure you as the bride are the centre of attention. 




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