A Bridesmaid Breakfast in a German Vineyard

“Female friendships are an outlet. There are conversations I have had with them, I wouldn’t dare have with anyone else. They know some of my darkest secrets, my brightest moments and everything that lays in between.” – IMAGE by Edaein O’Connell detailing the unique dynamic of female friendship.

Weddings are an intimate occasion for the bride and groom. They are also a unique occasion on which the bride gets an opportunity to honour and show her appreciation for her inner circle. A lovely and memorable way to kick off your wedding day is to organise a special breakfast with your maid of honor and bridesmaids. 

This shoot, which took place in Germany’s Hoflößnitz, is a celebration of the power and magic of sisterhood. A pretty, relaxed breakfast for a bride and her bridesmaids at the vineyard near Dresden, Hoflößnitz is one of the first vineyards in Germany to produce organic wines. For this special breakfast, the ladies sipped on a delightful and refreshing sparkling wine from the winery that matched the colour palette perfectly.

The Bridesmaid Gifts

Many brides like to present their bridesmaids with a small gift to show their appreciation for their friendship, support and help during wedding planning. We love the unique gifts used for this shoot—intricate glass boxes filled with handmade armbands from Stefanscaro for the three bridesmaids. Remember that presentation matters and is an important part of the art of gifting. These were presented with a thank-you note with each bridesmaid’s name written by local calligraphy specialist, Kataligraphie.

The Style

The classic bridal tradition of the bride dressed in white and her bridesmaids in colour, was reversed. The bride wears a beautiful pale pink and her bridesmaids wear white. The romantic and floaty hand-finished dresses created by Atelier Silhouette perfectly matched the soft, femnine and romantic style of this shoot. They also echo the delicate tones of the light and natural colour palette paired with a hint of gold.

The Flowers

The inspiration for the flowers was also modern with a touch of romance. Floristikwerkstatt Zauberhaft did not want anything too clean or too large as this could distract from the main purpose of this shoot: the bridal breakfast. The team created sweet posies for each of the bridesmaids (not something that is common in Germany) and used a white and cream palette with some rose highlights to keep it classic and elegant.

Key Tips

  • Bridal couples should design their wedding day exactly the way they want and spend time with the people they really want to have around. Why not think a little out of the box and plan some quality time with friends at the start of your wedding day?
  • When you plan your event, remember that all the elements should weave together through common threads. For this shoot, this was achieved through the use of consistent light and natural decoration matched with pastel tones and gold highlights.



Planning: Marrylight Hoch / zeitsplanung / Decor: Meine Hochzeitsdeko / Photography: Katja Knetschke Fotografie / Dresses: Silhouette Atelier & Boutique / Lingerie: Boutique de Lingerie Michelle / Flowers/Tablescape: Floristikwerkstatt Zauberhaft / MUH: Fräulein Anneli / Jewellery: Stefanscaro / Venue: Weingut Hoflößnitz / Calligraphy: Kataligraphie / Stationary: The Vintage Inkwell



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