Bright Lights: A Las Vegas Elopement

Elopements have always been one of the most romantic ways to tie the knot. For decades, even centuries, couples have secretly sneaked off together for an intimate, loved-up ceremony, without the hassle of long guest lists and elaborate reception dinners.

Skip forward a few centuries, and elopements have modernised somewhat (while keeping their core of simple, old-school romance). Take Melody and Edwin’s ceremony, for example—their vintage inspired, all-American elopement was something really special. 

This beaming couple travelled from North Carolina to get hitched in Las Vegas, Nevada. The impromptu plan involved getting married at a Las Vegas chapel earlier in the day. Then, they met up with their photographer to create some breathtaking official wedding portraits at Neon Museum

What’s more, the timing was absolutely perfect, which meant that their photos at this fabulous location were all taken during the crepuscular golden hour. 

The Neon Museum is a particularly magnificent place. Its boneyard is filled with authentic vintage neon signs, which make an extraordinary backdrop to a portrait shoot. If you’re visiting Las Vegas you can book a tour around the place for yourself. 


For their special day, Melody and Edwin explored downtown Las Vegas with the photographer on their shoot. This includes the everchanging, dynamic and artistic area’s famous murals (as they aptly put it, they were besotted by ‘the grit and glam’ in equal measures). 

Las Vegas’ Neon Museum in particular was a huge part of the inspiration behind the day’s aesthetic. 

“When we saw the Neon Museum we knew we had to have pictures taken there. From there, the museum really inspired our looks,” the couple said.

This bold and stylish couple knew that they didn’t want a traditional wedding style. After all, they were eloping in Las Vegas! These guys weren’t about doing things by halves, and the unique vision of their wedding day style really makes that alternative attitude apparent. 

Not only did the couple choose to situate their wedding in this trendy (yet pretty out-there) location, but they really took this on wholeheartedly, and fully shaped the occasion’s style around this stand-out setting. 

In fact, the couple spoke about how their favourite part of the day was actually getting to walk around the Neon Museum and downtown Las Vegas, exploring the area and learning about the local art scene in Old Vegas. They were inspired by the fusion of the Las Vegas glitz and glamour with a far more down-to-earth undercurrent, and the creative and inspirational vibe which characterised the downtown area. 

The photographer for the day, Carrie Pollard, was equally inspired by the location’s unique flair. As a result, for the couple, “our photographer was really the best decision we made. She made the entire day so fun and relaxed and she took some pretty amazing photographs that we will cherish forever!”


The colours of the venue made their way into the couple’s gorgeous outfits, too. 

Melody chose a gold sequined dress from Adrienna Papell, which was designed to artfully complement the creams and pink hues in the vintage signs. 

Edwin’s bold blue suit, meanwhile, really ‘popped’ against the gold dress, while also successfully accenting the brighter colors that could be spotted in the background. To further feature the contrast in the colour palette, Melody picked out some blue suede pumps, which matched the groom’s suit. 

Inspired by the vibe of the downtown arts district, for these photos, Melody also threw on a black faux leather jacket. We adore the effect this had against the luxurious, traditional sequinned dress. 


When asked to share the main things they had learned from their own experience, Melody and Edwin gave us the following three top pieces of advice from the day:

  • Really follow your own desires and instincts. Do what makes you happy, not what anyone else expects or wants.
  • Find a photographer who fits you like your gown does. This will really make a difference in the moments they are able to capture from your day.
  • It is one day in a long life so relax, have fun and soak it all up!


Photography: Carrie Pollard // Venue: Neon Museum // Floral: Gaia Flowers // Submitted via: Matchology