The 15 Best Places To Buy Ethical Engagement Rings

Diamond’s may be a girl’s best friend but they have a long, bloody history. However, just because mining diamonds comes with a lot of problems, doesn’t mean that your dream of a sparkly, brilliant engagement ring has to be unethical. 

To avoid receiving a beautiful ring that comes with a dark past, many women are turning to ethical and sustainable diamonds for their engagement rings. So if you’re looking for the perfect ring that you can admire without wondering about its origin story, we’ve found the best places to browse great ethical ring selections. 

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  1. 1. Stefano Navi

With bespoke and ready-made designs on offer, Stefano Navi’s lab-created diamonds are paired with sustainable metals. They range from £350 upwards depending on how you add to the setting or create your own. A unique offering from Stefano Navi is a placement proposal ring, this way your partner can propose with a beautiful ring which you can return to find the ring that speaks to you, together. 

2. Lily Arkwright

Lily Arkwright are an online engagement ring company that specialise in moissanite and lab grown diamond jewellery, who are passionate about providing ethical and sustainable pieces of fine British Craftsmanship. With free and insured global shipping, they also offer a Bespoke ring design service, producing unique engagement rings with the advice of their expert Jewellery Consultants.

3. Valley Rose

Valley Rose’s mission is to create beautiful engagement rings that honor the earth. Valley Rose specializes in handcrafted unique fine jewelry using certified ethical metals and the world’s first sustainably rated diamonds. In addition to their custom engagement ring services there is also a range of gorgeous ready-to-ship designs. Every Valley Rose purchase receives free insured global shipping, 14 day returns and also funds tree planting and sustainability causes.

4. Brilliant Earth 

Brilliant Earth is serious about sustainability, offering not only lab-grown diamonds but also other sustainable gemstones. The rings range from £450 – £3,000 depending on the style you choose, from solitaire to vintage-inspired rings. Buying one of these engagement rings not only means you’ll have a stunning ring but Brilliant Earth also contributes funds to provide covid relief to a community in need with every purchase.  

5. Taylor & Hart

Taylor & Hart focus on creating the perfect, personalised rings. In a consultation process, you’ll design the ring of your or your partner’s dreams using ethically-sourced diamonds. Starting prices for this bespoke option begin at £1,600. This one-of-a-kind creation comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

6. MiaDonna

Founded with the intention to help address unethical diamond mining, MiaDonna allows you to choose from their lab-grown diamond options or build your own personalised ring. The rings from £300 to £2,000 for the settings, with the diamonds calculated in addition. They offer at-home try-on so you can test out a range of samples before making a commitment. 

7. Clean Origin 

These are top-class lab-grown diamonds that you can combine into your own personalised ring or shop from their pre-designed range. The ready-made options are priced between £360-£1,900 and include a variety of styles. Clean Origin offers a 100-day return policy, which gives you plenty of time to decide if this investment is exactly what you want. 

8. Catbird

Catbird offers a range of conflict-free and recycled diamonds which are moulded into unique, eye-catching engagement rings. The vintage stones are placed into these gorgeous settings, meaning they have minimal impact on the Earth. The rings are priced between £455- £12,400. The extensive product range offers any unique settings unlikely to be found anywhere else. 

9. James Allen

Offering conflict-free and lab-grown diamonds, James Allen will ensure you get the ethical engagement ring you’ve always wanted. The simple online ring designer means you can create a bespoke piece without having to leave your home. The price range is wide, as you add on pieces during each step to come to an overall price. If you already have an heirloom diamond, you can add it to one of their beautiful settings with ease. 

10. Valerie Madison

Valerie Madison has a background in environmental science and this shows through her choice to offer conflict-free, lab-grown and recycled metals and diamonds in her rings. The wide engagement ring range starts at around £200 all the way up to £11,000. Custom designs in collaboration with designers are on offer but are a bit pricer, starting around £1100. 

11. Automic Gold

All about radical inclusivity, Automic Gold focuses on size, gender and price access. Choose from a simple band and a variety of finishes complemented with a gemstone or diamond of your choice set into a yellow, white, rose or champagne gold band. Starting at £160- £600 depending on size and additions. You can also put your personal touch with a custom engraving. 

12. Mejuri 

Mejuri is about making luxury accessible with prices that don’t include steep mark-ups. 

Featuring conflict-free diamonds, their beautiful engagement rings ranging from £570- £1,600. Specialising in cluster designs, these rings speak to a modern sense of style steeped in glamour. 

13. Noemi

Noemi’s ethically-sourced diamond engagement rings focus on classic elegance. The ready-to-order designs focus on simple, timeless beauty made with quality craftsmanship, starting at £2,711. If you’re looking for something more personalised, you can create a custom design with in-house experts. 

14. Vrai

Vrai’s diamonds take sustainability to another level by offering carbon neutral diamonds. These diamonds are grown in the US using hydropower to ensure they don’t harm the environment. With over 900 styles to choose from, Vrai’s rings range from £500 to over  £1,800. You have a lifetime of care with complimentary cleaning, resizing and prong tightening to make sure your ring always shines. 

15. Sofia Kaman

Sofia Kaman focuses on engagement rings as a unique reflection of your relationship. With a variety of styles with a nod to old-world elegance. Whether you want certified conflict-free, lab-grown or vintage diamonds, all are on offer to be placed in your preferred setting. If you’re a bit lost on where to start, Sofia Kaman offers engagement ring quizzes to help you make your decision. 

Quick Buyers Guide

The most common ethical engagement rings are made with synthetic diamonds. These are lab-grown diamonds that have the same levels of sparkle and clarity as those mined from the ground without negative business practices and environmental harm. Find out more about lab-grown diamonds with B.LOVED’s guide to Shopping for Ethical Engagement Rings. 

As those getting engaged become more concerned with their impact on the planet, the interest in ethical engagement rings has grown. The increased interest has also meant there have been great improvements in their production and design. 

Lab-grown rings are often cheaper than the standard diamond ring, meaning you can get the exact size and shape you like without worrying that you’ll be breaking the bank. This opens up an even wider range of options so you’re given a ring you love and enjoy wearing. 

While engagement rings are best known for their diamonds, an accompanying wedding band with a few smaller sparkles can also be found by lab-grown jewellers to create the perfect ethical wedding band set. 

Lab-grown diamonds are not the only option for those wanting to ensure an ethical engagement ring. Buying a ring from a jeweller who ensures conflict-free diamonds will give you peace of mind. These diamonds are sourced by jewellers who ensure they were not mined by child-labour, through human rights abuses or environmental degradation. 

Another option is vintage or recycled diamonds. Recycling vintage rings offers the opportunity to use beautiful old diamonds which doesn’t contribute to new mining initiatives.

Source: Stefano Navi



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