Cakes by Krishanthi 2014 Collection

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Happy Friday my loves!

There’s no better way to end the week than with cake!! So today I bring you the brand new 2014 collection from luxury designer Cakes By Krishanthi, she’s one of my very favourites!  What I love most about Krishanthi’s cakes is her sugar work, it’s beautiful, intricate and delicate yet her designs are striking, bold and enough to make a statement at any celebration.  The new collection is made up of three styles – modern, classic and opulent – each equally pretty and uniquely stylish.  Get ready for a post packed full of cake-y goodness!

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tell us about your business

I’ve always loved cake (who doesn’t!), but I spent over 10 years living in Germany where baking is big; I think that’s where it all started for me. The more I baked, the more I enjoyed it and so when I became a mum I decided to leave the world of Investment Banking where I worked as a translator and train in cake making. At first, I made cakes for friends’ and family’s birthdays and with a lot of hard work – ok, I admit some tears too – I built the business to what it is today. Truth be told, I can’t quite believe it sometimes!

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describe your style

My style is elegant, but it has to be unique and maybe even a little bit quirky. Fashion and architecture plays a big role when I’m looking for inspiration.

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trend setter or trend follower?

Probably a bit of both! I love seeing what trends are emerging and designing my own take on it. My personal favourite wedding trend are coloured cakes – so striking! Vintage wedding styles have been around for a while now, so I’d really like to see wedding trends looking to the future!

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how do you help brides find that perfect design?

It sounds very obvious, I know, but I think it’s really about listening to what the couple wants. After the initial consultation, I get to the drawing board to brainstorm a few ideas to present to the couple for feedback. I’ll make tweaks until all the details are agreed and signed off.

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tell us about the new collection – where did the three themes come from & what does each look represent to you?

Couples are looking for different styles. Some want a classic look, others are trendy or quirky and other couples are looking for some opulence in their cake design. These themes were really about giving people a choice, whilst having some fun as a designer.

The opulent look makes me think of a spectacular grand venue with intricate gold interiors. I was thinking ‘Marie Antoinette’ whose style is pure bourgeoisie decadence, whilst the classic look is much more about giving traditional designs an update.  I’m a huge fan of Vera Wang dresses and so the modern look, with lots of ruffles in grey, white and silver was a nod to her style.

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what’s the best part of your job?

Of course, seeing the finished product set up in all its glory on the day is a real highlight but I also love the moment when I receive a heartfelt thank you card or email from my couples. It really is incredible to be such an important part of so many people’s special day. Seeing my work published in magazines and blogs is also a real thrill because it means the hard work has been recognised by other people.

what’s your next challenge?

The biggest challenge I am facing currently is the next step to my business adventure; the growing part. It’s a bit scary but I’m loving the buzz!

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Photography: Eddie Judd Photography // Venue: Nonsuch Mansion


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