We’re constantly swooning over the curls and swirls of beautiful lettering, so when  B.LOVED contributor Katie was invited to spend an afternoon with calligrapher Paul Antonio Scribe at a workshop for bloggers organised by Think Shaadi, we couldn’t wait to get a peek into the captivating world of this master at work…

Wow. Paul Antonio Scribe. Such an inspiration and master of his art that upon meeting him I personally re-set my principles.

His presence left me so warm and fuzzy I floated home from his studio in London Bridge! His work space is a parallel universe – everything is done by hand, by tradition. Hands-up who’s handwriting has suffered at the peril of computers and tech? Holding a pen feels funny, spellings have gone to pot! In his space there’s an air of calm, discipline, a rhythm of work – Paul at his drawing board, back straight, posture perfect, brush in hand, a contentment of being in ‘flow’.

As students arrived Paul chatted about his art, his passion – the life of the scribe. Paul writes on papyrus papers for the British Museum (he’s their go to man for the restoration of ancient documents), he grinds and mixes up 24ct gold ink in oyster shells, and has knowledge of over 300 scribes and has hieroglyphics in his name. Blessed with a talent and love of arts and culture Paul is from Trinidad and has been scribing since the age of 9. He and his brother would trace over and replicate interesting typography, words and pictures. He also a reiki master (!) and is known in the studio for distressing his protégés before they sit at their desks to practise. Paul showed us a diary he kept from a recent holiday in Asia, so beautiful were the pages, full of words and letters that morphed into illustrations of the subject they describe.

Paul spoke fondly of his clients from all realms, royals to rock stars, priests and government officials, brides and grooms, all of whom have a huge appreciation of his hand. It doesn’t matter who you are, each piece of work is given the same steadiness, care and attention. No rushing, it takes however long it takes. No copy paste. No ctrl delete. There’s nothing simple about it, but Paul’s artistry makes it seems so. Effortless, pure and graceful.

Paul showed us many examples of his work – invitations, documents, monograms, card stencils for emboss and de-bossing… a life’s work. This man needs a Knighthood! If you share my love of calligraphy and illustration check out Paul Antonio’s Website, if you can only afford to get the smallest of details scribed by Paul it will be money well spent, your own piece of art to treasure.

Discover more of Paul’s work, book a workshop or  at


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