How You Can Have a Stylish Sustainable Wedding

Meet BLOVED Edit Member Catherine, the wedding planner and stylist behind All Things Considered. She’s passionate about sustainable weddings which don’t need to compromise on style and we couldn’t wait to interview her to tell us more about her work, her take on the 2020 wedding trends – and of course her expert tips on sustainable weddings!

Tell us about All Things Considered and what inspired you…

My mission is to show couples that you can have a stylish wedding that is authentic and personal, whilst still caring for people and planet. I have worked on some jaw-dropping events over the years, but they have opened my eyes to how much of a negative impact we create just from getting everyone together for a day. I believe that small adjustments and imaginative twists can make a big difference, without compromising on style. My approach is gentle and guilt-free, fun and creative no matter how much experience you have with going green!

What would you say is your signature style and aesthetic?

Modern and creative – I like to do things a bit differently and not just for tradition’s sake. I love rich colour palettes, with earthy tones, lots of greenery and textures that you want to dive right into. I want people to interact with my designs, be tactile, playful and have fun with them!

Does creating a more sustainable wedding compromise the style and aesthetic?

Not at all! Things have come a long way in sustainable weddings and we’re not limited to hessian and kraft paper if that’s not your style. Modern, classic, elegant or industrial couples – you can still plan an eco-friendly day without sacrificing the bits that mean the most to you. It’s all about finding creative alternatives to achieve the look and feel you’re after, like swapping classic taper candles for a non-toxic option, or sourcing fabrics dyed with plants and vegetables!

What colour palettes are you loving for 2020 weddings?

Cinnamon tones as they are so versatile! Paired with plums, dark blues and ochres to create a rich, moody colour palette or with taupe, blush and dove grey for a softer, ethereal or minimalist feel.

What trends and details are you excited about this year?

The rise in sustainable weddings! It’s predicted to be a big trend in itself but many of the other 2020 trends also lend themselves to a more eco-friendly wedding day. Like mixing and matching your wedding party outfits – so many possibilities open up for sourcing outfits when they don’t need to be exactly the same, from makers who create dresses from offcuts to asking everyone to wear something they already own.

Statement décor that can be re-purposed is another favourite. I’d recommend choosing one or two key pieces to really showcase your personality which you can use throughout your wedding day and keep afterwards. Think hand-painted backdrops and hanging installations.

What are your top tips for creating a more sustainable wedding?

Re-purpose, support local and embrace the season! Before buying new, think about what you already have that can be re-purposed, borrowed or hired. It will save you having to find someone to sell it onto afterwards, and if you’re using something you already own it makes your day all the more personal.

Look for local suppliers who champion home-grown produce, products and people. They’ll put a whole lot of thought and care into what they are creating for you, and you’ll put back into the local community.  Chances are you had a special reason for choosing your wedding date (even if it was the only day your dream venue was free!) so embrace it! Look at what the season has to offer for flowers, colours and food.


Why is it so important for couples to consider sustainability for their wedding? Are there elements we perhaps don’t realise are so bad?

If we are getting sciency, the average UK wedding generates 14.5 tonnes of carbon emissions, which is equivalent to nearly three cars driving around for a year! With so many gorgeous images out there, it’s very easy to get drawn into adding more and more to your day, but it’s now so important that we do our bit ethically and environmentally.

Some of the biggest offenders that you might not realise are balloons and exotic flowers. Don’t get me wrong, a well-designed balloon arch can look amazing and add colour and fun to your day. But even balloons labelled as biodegradable will take years to break-down and in the meantime, they look like an enticing meal to wildlife. If you’re after that colour-pop and wow factor, try using paper in the shape of lanterns, pin wheels or fans to create a cool ombre effect.

Flowers are such a big part of a wedding day, but imported flowers have a big carbon footprint to match and have a negative impact on the workers if not grown ethically. Switch to locally-grown, seasonal varieties which are not only eco-friendly but fresher and healthier too!

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