Captivating Marrakech

Morocco has been firmly on travel wish list for a while now and I’m always so in awe of the beautiful architecture, colours and vibrancy of the Medina’s. The stylish Riads and their incredible interiors with bohemian elements. So when Sarah Hannam Photography told Me that she had captured this beautiful portrait session of Shannon and Jonathan – I couldn’t wait for us to feature it here on B.LOVED! Here’s Sarah to tell us more about it;

“Marrakech is great winter get away destination with its near to year round sunshine and warm climate.  It is also the ideal place for a portrait shoot with a divine morning light that reflects off the buildings and onto skin giving to die for luminescence.  Proof of its captivating beauty are in the 38 rolls of film I shot there!

Newly married Philadelphia-based Shannon & Jonathan took a short vacation with a small group of friends and stayed at the privately owned small, but wonderfully chic Riad Bayou in the heart of the Medina on one of the tiniest passageways ever.

We had trouble finding each other for our early morning shoot – we chose early morning as the light is more gentle and flattering plus you’re also able to get more efficient shooting done without dodging motorbikes and donkeys in the road.  The souks at 7am are a quiet place and a little unsettling as it’s the complete opposite to how they are at 11am.  GPS maps spin around uncontrollably as soon as you’re under the cover of the souk’s roof and you’re not even sure where you are, let alone where you’re supposed to be going!

However, we eventually found each other, almost by accident and had a great time exploring a little around the Ben Youssef Madrasa before going inside to shoot under its magnificent arches and intricate Moorish design.  Being there early in the morning is the best as wait just an hour and the great courtyard will be full of selfie sticks and bloggers peering out from behind the pillars.”




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