Champagne and Flamingos Wedding Scent Styling

Candles are a wedding day essential for looking beautiful and creating such a special atmosphere, but have you considered the detail of the scent for your wedding too? Let us introduce you to Champagne & Flamingos who work especially on the scent for beautiful events and weddings. We have an exclusive interview with them for you today to tell you more…

Tell us about the concept of scenting your wedding day – what does this mean and what do you use?

With couples looking for ways to personalise their wedding, Champagne and Flamingos offers a Scent Styling service, where couples are paired to their perfect scent, designed to evoke powerful emotions and memories for them and their guests.

Scent is weaved throughout the wedding in various ways, with scented candles, diffusers, room and linen atomisers, scented ceramics or electronic dry air diffuser systems. All products are hand poured in-house using the finest ingredients. Fragrance oils are manufactured by leading fragrance houses and are Phalate and Paraben free.



What kind of scents are most appropriate and popular for a wedding day?

Just as there is such diversity in types of weddings, so there is in scents. Champagne and Flamingos always pairs each couple with the perfect scent for them, their venue and theme. The elements that would be a factor are season, where a scent with notes that are all citrus, would work well through the spring/summer and a scent with heavier woods, musks and festive notes would be better chosen in the autumn/winter. Florals can be used with citrus and woods/musks all year round, usually to compliment the wedding flowers.

How do you incorporate lovely scents into your wedding – and any tips for not overpowering a room, or perhaps on candle sizes so they don’t run out through the day?

There are many ways to incorporate scent in to the day, most popular being scented candles, for their ambiance enhancement, usually there are three sizes used, dependant on placement, three wick candles, work well in large spaces and entrances, our medium sized are weaved throughout the main venue and smaller votive candles are used to a minimum in dining areas, as this is an area that needs care not to over power when eating, in some cases the dining room would be left un-scented. These sizes will burn for many hours, however, some may be chosen to be lit later in the day or another scent used for the evening reception.






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