Chic Wedding Favours for Every Couple

Wedding favours are a small gift the wedding couple gives to their guests as a memento of their union. A chic wedding favour, or bonbonnière, is a lovely way to show appreciation for the friendship and support of your guests as they see you off on your journey as husband and wife, husband and husband, or wife and wife!

The tradition of giving wedding favours is a surprisingly old one. It dates back many centuries (in fact all the way back to 16th century England). Favours were originally symbolic of a wedding couple’s bond. Read more about the fascinating history of this wedding tradition here.

However, we think you can do better than love knots constructed from lace and ribbon (although we do like the romantic symbolism of this ancient favour) …

Below is a curated list of chic wedding favours. These delightful trinkets can add a little WOW factor to your tablescape, act as a talking point for guests, and/or leave guests with a lovely memento of your special day (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to receive a thoughtful little gift?!). 

If you choose to offer favours, make them something fabulous. This does not have to mean something expensive—remember it’s the thought that counts. Make you chic wedding favours something meaningful or relevant—something personal that is a reflection of you or your special day. For guidance on how to pick the best wedding favours for your guests, see this fab guide from Huffpost. Happy shopping!!

For the fun lovers, we can’t go past these stylist individually packaged cocktail from The Everleigh Bottling Company. Choose the cocktail that best represents your style - the Martini, Old Fashioned, Negroni or Manhattan.

For the bold hipsters, why not give your guests the gift of you …  immortalized on an enamel pin! How cool and quirky is this customized enamel pin from Valley Cruise Press created based on a portrait of a couple.

For the socially-conscious urbanites, we adore these beautifully packaged ESCAPE messages in a soap from Dan300. Wrapped in an inspirational message wrapper (like love, joy, rise or dream) these soaps are triple milled, free of nasty sulphates/parabens, not tested on animals and made with certified sustainable plant palm base.

For the coffee connoisseurs, why not roast your favourite blend or single origin Ethiopia beans to share with your guests. Personalized pouches available from Etsy. This way they can think of you the morning after your wedding, and the one after that, and the one after that…

For the party people, what better than a hangover remedy kit? We particularly like this “Overdid it on the Rum” kit from Men’s Society which would be ideal for an island or tropical wedding. It comes with restorative bath oil, nourishing eye cream, toothpaste, toothbrush and an eye mask.

For the music enthusiasts, why not share a couple of your wedding playlist with your guests in a funky CD designed to look like vintage vinyl? Vintage Vinyl CDs are perfect for those couples that have painstakingly agonized about their wedding playlist for months to make sure it’s just right.

For the eternal optimists, why not keep those good feels from your special day going for a little while longer. These adorable 31 Day Happy Pill bottles from Short Story hold little capsules with an inspirational quote to help brighten your day! Nawwwwwwwwwww.

For the foodies, why not bottle up some fragrant olive oil for your guests to take home with them. A personalized label (available on Etsy) can make this gift of liquid gold all the more special.  

For lovers of the finer things, these sumptuous mini candles from Diptyque are a lovely memento. Keep your passion burning for days with its beautiful rose scent which fills the air with fresh floral notes.

For the yoga bunnies, choose the perfect tea blend from Forty-One Tea that represents your love story (we are digging honeybush) and put in a pretty test tube to share a few cups with your guests. Add your names and a message!



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