Are you ready to meet another of our real life brides? Gorgeous Katie is getting married next September in a very classic English country wedding, she’s already got a fab team of suppliers lined up and I can’t WAIT for her to spill the beans on her wedding planning journey so far (it’s a good one!). First though, here she is with her super romantic story…

Hello B.LOVED readers, my fiancé Tom and I are getting married in September 2015 so it’s less than a year away now (eek!) and I’m really excited to share my wedding planning journey with you all as a B.LOVED bride…

Tom and I first met in September 2012 through the modern means of finding love, internet dating. I’m notoriously known for being late (I’ve promised not to be on the big day!) and lived up to this by being 20 minutes late for our first date but luckily Tom waited it out! I had been living in London for around 7 years at that point and Tom had been seconded over to the UK from Australia a year earlier, through his job in Finance. I’m a big believer in fate and still think it’s crazy that an English girl who grew up in the small Berkshire town of Wokingham would meet and fall in love with an Aussie boy from the even smaller town of Kiama on the east coast of Australia, over 10,000 miles away.

Our relationship developed quickly – we began seeing each other more and more, met each other’s friends and families, moved in together and went on lots of holidays. Being the typical Aussie in Europe he was keen to visit as many countries as he could during his 3-year secondment, and I was more than happy to join in with this. We’ve travelled to more places together over the last 2 years than many couples probably do in a lifetime and have so many amazing memories to carry with us for the rest of our lives.

Which leads me nicely on to the engagement story, which happened on a weekend mini-break to Belgium. Tom’s parents came over to the UK in December 2013 to spend Christmas and New Year with my family – this being the first meeting of the two sets of parentals, I’d had friends and work colleagues wind me up for months that a Christmas Day proposal was definitely on the cards. Whilst Tom and I had discussed marriage, I knew that Tom would want a proposal to just be a special moment between the two of us, so I put the idea of him whipping out an engagement ring half way through Christmas dinner to one side.

However, in Mid-December we went to the beautiful city of Bruges with Tom’s parents, and it was there that he proposed in the most romantic setting I could have wished for. He had asked for my father’s approval a few days earlier and told his own father on the day so that he could take his mother “shopping” to give us time on our own – they were both sworn to secrecy and I don’t think either of our mothers have forgiven them for keeping that secret so well hidden. It was whilst walking back to our hotel that we reached the small, picturesque “Lovers Bridge” which Tom told me to stand on so he could take a photo. Whilst standing there for a while, I thought he was just messing around with his camera but in fact he was waiting until there was no one else around before joining me on the bridge. He started telling me about an old folk tale that states the first person you see when you walk onto this bridge is the person you are going to marry, before getting down on one knee and asking me to marry him. It was such a perfect moment and totally unexpected – knowing his parents were coming with us on this trip, the thought of a proposal had not even entered my mind!

I am still obsessed with my engagement ring. Admittedly I’d dropped some oh-so-subtle hints about the kind of ring I’d like one day when we walked past some jewellery shops in Brighton a few months earlier, but he’d remembered exactly the type of ring I wanted and had one made for me in London. I couldn’t wait to get home to share our happy news with everyone, and show them the sparkler!

As I’ve already mentioned, Tom was in London on a 3-year secondment so we knew that would come to an end in Summer 2014. After much discussion, and having visited Australia together last year and loving it, we made the big decision that we would both move to Sydney. We’ve been here just over 4 months now and whilst it’s a big adjustment and I miss my family and friends back in England more than you can imagine, I am really enjoying life out here. Tom’s family and friends have been so welcoming, I certainly don’t miss the English weather and a 10 minute commute to work by ferry past the Sydney Harbour Bridge beats being squashed onto a London tube train.

The move has also given me the challenge of planning a traditional English country wedding from the opposite side of the world, and I look forward to sharing this over the coming year… Katie xx


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