There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable on a night out, let alone on your wedding day and at B.LOVED we understand the importance of feeling comfortable whilst still looking totally amazing. The key to real comfort is definitely in the preparation so as B.LOVED bridal experts, my team at Luella’s and I have put together the following list of useful tips to ensure that not only do you look absolutely stunning but you feel nice and comfortable too!

bloved-wedding-blog-comfortable-bridal-style (8)First of all spend a bit of time before you even start looking for your dress, looking at yourself. Think about when you have really looked and felt your best. It needn’t have been at a big occasion, it could have been when you were just feeling relaxed, wearing comfortable clothes and very little makeup. Alternatively you might be the sort of person that only feels confident when you are wearing lots of makeup and when your hair and nails are perfectly manicured, but it’s important that you recognise what is going to work best for you.

We recommend planning well ahead of time so that you can really start looking after your body. Simple things like eating a healthy diet, drinking lots of water and doing some exercise will certainly help but we also recommend adopting a good, skin, hair and nail routine at least 6 months before your wedding and testing out any different types of makeup or skincare well in advance just in case you have a reaction to any of the products.

Once you have worked out how you are going to get your body in tip top condition, we recommend exploring different hair styles and experimenting with some different types of makeup to see what really works for you. These sort of things often get left until the last minute and in some instances brides actually wait until their wedding day before making these decisions, but if you want to look and feel good it’s absolutely crucial that you get these just right.

Once you have decided on how much makeup you are going to wear and have a vague idea about how you would like to wear your hair, then it is time to start looking at dresses. There is no need to start thinking about the type of accessories that you are going to be wearing at this stage because they will probably need to be dictated to a certain extent by the type of dress that you choose and things can get confusing when you are trying to make too many decisions at once.

bloved-wedding-blog-comfortable-bridal-style (5)

We recommend going to your appointments wearing your hair in a similar style to how you would like to wear it on your wedding day. It could literally be as simple as tying it up in a loose bun if you are wearing it up or pinning some of it away from your face if you are considering a half up do. This should help you to feel more relaxed because it will be a style that you are already comfortable with and it will also help you to get a really good idea of how you will eventually look in your dress.

When it comes to actually choosing your dress there are a lot of things to consider, so once again we suggest trying to spend a bit of time before hand thinking about the sort of shapes, lengths and necklines that really work for you. Think about the parts of your body that you would most like to show off and anything that you would like to hide and make a list of these in order of how much they matter to you. You are probably going to be spending the whole day and night in your dress, so take time to think about styles that you would naturally avoid when you are choosing your normal clothes and don’t feel under pressure to choose a style that you wouldn’t feel happy wearing.

bloved-wedding-blog-comfortable-bridal-style (13)Next you need to consider what accessories that you are going to wear. We suggest starting from the top down and thinking carefully about each type of accessory and what you will really feel the most comfortable wearing. Are you the sort of person that will get annoyed wearing a veil all day or has it always been your dream to walk down the aisle wearing one? Do you like big earrings or are you terrified of wearing anything larger than a small drop? Do you like wearing things in your hair or are you frightened that they will fall out? All of these things will influence how you feel on the day so it’s really worth thinking about them well in advance.

bloved-wedding-blog-comfortable-bridal-style (14)We have a lot of brides who are worried about wearing some of the more complicated hair accessories because they are concerned about exactly how to wear them or that they might fall out. We recommend having an appointment with your hair stylist well in advance of your wedding so that you can choose your hair accessory, try wearing it and then if possible wear it for a period of time to ensure that it remains comfortable. Good wedding hair stylists have lots of great ways of ensuring that hair accessories stay firmly in place so it’s worth taking time to choose a real professional too.  The same goes for your earrings, you also need to wear these for a period of time in advance of your wedding to check that they don’t irritate your ears.

Choosing your shoes is also crucial to feeling comfortable on your wedding day and you should definitely think about wearing them in first. You just need to spend a bit of time wearing them around the house to avoid any rubbing and maybe scuff the soles up a bit too because the last thing you want is slippery shoes!! We also recommend spending a bit more on your shoes that you would normally because although specialist bridal shoes are definitely more expensive, they have been designed to ensure that you are able to wear them all day long.

And last but not least don’t forget about your underwear. There is often the temptation to feel like you need to squeeze yourself into some kind of tight fitting bodysuit which will definitely leave you feeling uncomfortable but there should be no need. If you have chosen a flattering dress design that works for your figure, you will look great and feel comfortable too.

At Luella’s we have comfort at the route of all of our buying choices and all of our dresses are very lightweight and easy to wear. We also work with expert shoe designer Charlotte Mills who has an amazing range of shoes including block heels and flat sandals which have been specifically designed with comfort in mind. We hope these tips have helped you to plan for your wedding and ensure that you have the most beautiful and relaxing day ever!!





I was inspired to open Luella's Boudoir following my own wedding in 2005. With a busy career, very little time to visit lots of wedding shops and seven bridesmaids to dress, I longed for a place where I could view everything we needed at the same time. Today Luella's strives to offer brides an incredible, assortment of truly individual items and we continue to ensure that we are offering an exclusive selection of beautiful wedding gowns, bridesmaids dresses and accessories that have been meticulously sourced from all over the world. 

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